by Betty Dardess
Positioning: Part I R vs. Part II L. OR 2-3 lines front (esp. if boys' group)
INTRO Dance getting into place doing claps low and snaps high R L (see rhythm as at M31). If in place, opt. circle around to R.
MEAS. 5 PART I: pulse R shoulder in and out to Part II 4X.
  PART II: 90 arms R, L, R, L (Vol. 1, 100). Push palms across to L (Vol. 1, 79) and sleep pose to R.
MEAS. 9 PART I: 90 arms as above, then mime stirring pot of water 4X.
  PART II: pulse L shoulder in and out to Part I 4X.
MEAS. 13 ALL "sew" w/R hand in figure 8 move in and out of L hand 2X.
  Turn L w/fists on waist and lean forward.
  M16: stomp forward on rests RLR and shake R index finger out.
  M17: place R hand flat out, slap it over onto the L.
  M19: R thumb over R shoulder 3X - big on 3rd one, repeat L.


MEAS. 23 S-curve above w/R, L, R (Vol. 1, 101), push both palms out R. Repeat to L.
  M27: low drawing woman's figure, throw hands out at aud.
  M29: wipe hands of her front (like cymbal claps) RLR. Fists on waist w/big head nod on rest. Repeat claps and snaps as at Intro.


MEAS. 5 PART II: 90 as before, then R index to head, hit w/R palm on rest. PART I: as before.
MEAS. 9 PART I: 90 as before, then become "waiter" w/tray over R shoulder, serve it front. PART II: as before.
MEAS. 13 Hold R hand like radio over R ear and dance like crazy.
  M15: turn L w/fists on waist, stomp RLR and clap above.
  M17-22: repeat as before.
CHORUS Repeat as before.
MEAS. 31 DESCANT move forward.


MEAS. 40 Roll arms from L to R (Vol. 2, 124), snap R on yes. Repeat to L. OTHERS repeat as before. M44: descant backs up.
MEAS. 45 ALL low, then crazy fingers at ears.
  M47: wipe hands of her RLR, end in right S-curve position.


2-Part, Level 1....7912
SoundTrax CD....3840