by Jay Althouse


Positioning: Part I (stage R) vs. Part II (stage L). Divide into 4 groups (across the stage or high to low).
INTRO In 4 groups, turn to L and mime holding top hat w/R hand.
  M5: in 4 groups, flip pretend hat out to audience and lean.
MEAS. 9  
VERSE 1 ON VOCALS: 4 low vaudeville sways (Vol. 1, 87), then open hands from center and drop. Repeat w/windshield wiper sways (Vol. 2, 92), then open and drop. Repeat w/wiper sway above (Vol. 1, 55), (Part II drop open to sides). 1st ENDING: R points to L palm 4X (look L, front, L front).
VERSE 2 Repeat as before on vocals. 2nd ENDING: face R diagonal w/hands on hips, nod head on on, clap after show, then "tada" look w/R high and L out.
MEAS. 29 Wave from R to L, R hand comes over top and down to knees.
  M33: wave from L to R, opera pose (hands clasped front).
  M37: wave R to L, R fist in air (Vol. 2, 119).
  M41: hold low to R, then switch to L.
MEAS. 45 ON VOCALS: w/palms down, face R diagonal and shake both up, flip and lower. Repeat to L. Snap both 4X L to R (Part II flip palms up and hold to R).
  M57: repeat as before.
MEAS. 61 Repeat INTRO.
MEAS. 69 (Do movement only on rests: Part II first, then Part I, then both parts.)
VERSE 1 Hit thighs R, L, R, clap clap, snap, clap, hit thighs R, L. 1st ENDING: as before.
VERSE 2 Hit shoulders, cross hit, hit, cymbal claps R, L, R, fold arms, lift to hit backs (Vol. 2, 99-100), fold arms.
  2nd ENDING: as before.
MEAS. 89 Repeat as before thru M 120.
MEAS. 121 Shake both up to R, flip and lower, repeat L.
  M129: wave R to L,"tada" move facing R (R high, L low).
  M133: all R arm over to top to hold low (opt. wave).
  M135: all opera pose (opt. wave).
  M137: all hold hat w/R facing L diagonal (opt. wave).
  M140: hat out on final show!

2-Part, Level 2.....16318
SAB, Level 3....21791
SoundTrax CD.....16438