by Tim Bell, arranged by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Mixed voices: Men front and center. Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO All are excited, dancing like mad. M4: freeze in place.
MEAS. 5 Dip down and up to R, looking up. Repeat L. Slowly lift both hands up to face on wo's. Look up. Point both index up on roof (Vol. 2, 115). Step t R and L, clapping on beat 2 & 4 above head. Then low "tire" run 8X.
MEAS. 11 MELODY: mime pulling up blanket front, freeze on sleep with eyes closed. Fidget, then turn over onto L side and freeze M18. Lower covers, jump out on rests. Low front on quickly, quick head turn to R on rest. BACK UPS: twist R, freeze. Repeat L. Repeat into center, then away and hold face on M18. Twist freeze R, repeat L. Quick head turn to R on rest.


MEAS. 23 Hold "reins" facing stage R, bouncing 8X while leaning to R.Pull back on wo's, look up on rests. Repeat dips as before, others point both index up. Fists on waist, then head nods 2X..
  M29: ALL hold face, leaning back, point both up, shake jazz above on rests.


MEAS. 11 MELODY: talk to a friend, then to another.
  M15: cross arms at chest 4X, sneak to L 5X, react back on Uh! Point like mad on rest. Fat arms front, quick head turn R on rest. BACK UPS: repeat as before.
CHORUS Repeat as before
MEAS. 32 MELODY: make hands "antlers" above and prance RLRt, LRLt, repeat. BACK UPS: bounce low to melody line.
  M36: same as above, switch to appropriate parts.
MEAS. 40 MELODY: quick point w/R index from L to R on rest, repeat L. BACK UPS: bounce low to melody line.
  M44: on vocal, point R index up, then L up.
  M46: ALL quick head flashes R, L, R, L, point R index front and raise up high while leaning back.


MEAS. 48 MELODY: cross arms at chest w/R toe & head out and in, out and in. Turn L on tell and shake R index front. Scoop R, L. Shake fists down 4X. BACK UPS: as before w/twists.
  M56: on vocal, cross arms front, point down.
  M58: MELODY: raise R index up. BACK UPS: twist lean back. ALL quick look R.
MEAS. 60 As before till final meas. - all pout front in funny tableau.


SATB, Level 4....7886

3-Part Mixed, Level 3...7887**

2-Part, Level 1...7888

SoundTrax CD....3832


** Permanently Out of Print