by Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse


Positioning: Straight lines, mixing voice parts if possible (Vol. 2, 105).
INTRO Turn to partner (row 1-2, row 3-4, etc.), match upstage palm, match downstage palm, turn front bringing downstage palm across to match neighbor's palm (Vol. 2, 101-104).
MEAS. 5 Hold during solo. (Solo front & center).
  M9: CHORUS lifts palms (Vol. 2, 105) and M14: drop palms.
MEAS. 15 Facing L diagonal, push R palm across 3X on climb, crossand raging (Vol. 2, 34). Flip palm up and pan high across to R (opt. wave L to R). Repeat w/L to R diagonal.
  M19: match upstage palms w/partner, then downstage palms, then open front to match neighbor's palm, then push up.
MEAS. 23 Slow step t to R diagonal w/small L lift into fist on step.
  M24: dip turn to L pushing L elbow and palm around.
  M25: repeat opp.
  M27: lift L palm up and over to L (palm up).
  M28: lift R palm up and over to R--place into neighbor's palm.
  M29: take small step forward (step R, t L) while lifting held hands (opt. move forward 1 row). Slowly drop on way.
MEAS. 32 IF RESTING: turn to singers. IF SINGING: bring R palm in, bring L palm in (seed to front).
  M34: R hand flowers thru L palm (sign language for "spring").
  M36: flip R palm to outside and drop to R on air.
MEAS. 37 IF RESTING: turn to singers. SINGERS: turn to front.
  M39: lift R palm on feed, L palm on help, bring them into heart on giving, lift and drop out to sides on heart
MEAS. 42 Repeat as before thru M57.
MEAS. 58 All lean to R, switch to L, then every other person lean to opp. sides on we are many, straight up on we are one, match both neighbors' palms, push up on same, drop down.
MEAS. 64 Repeat as before.
MEAS. 70 Small step t R and lift held hands, repeat L, repeat front, drop slowly on way.
MEAS. 75 Turn to solo. All lift downstage hand and lean on final way.


SATB, Level 4.....16395

SAB, Level 3.......16396**

2-Part, Level 2....16397

SoundTrax Cassette.....17008


**Permanently Out of Print