by Stephen L. Lawrence
Positioning: Mixed voices: Men on outside, Women in center (see Vol. 2, 19 for triangular formation.) Treble: Part I on sides, Part II center.
INTRO Divide choir into 4 groups (by row or across stage), one group at a time places R palm and R foot towards flag, then in and salute (pivot salute).


MEAS. 5 IF SINGING: slowly extend R palm up above head (Vol. 2, 1).
  M7: slowly drop down and cross fists at chest on ty. F RESTING: hold salute till M9.
MEAS. 9 All punch R fist up to R diagonal w/L fist at L shoulder (Vol. 2, 127), open R palm and lift, drop down a bit, pulse and drop.


MEAS. 13 Step touch to R, swinging R arm slightly front. Repeat L, R and bring L toe in, out and in (mirror w/arms).
  M15: bring R fist across at face level from L to R.
  M16: R fist up to R diag. w/L fist at L shoulder.
  M17: repeat as before.
  M19: bring crossed fists in at chest.
  M20: slowly lift crossed fists above head.
MEAS. 21 Go to power pose (R fist up, L holding R elbow above head - Vol. 2, 125) in same 4 groups as intro, half note each.
  M23: push L fist up on one great hope, pull both down to sides.
1st ENDING Pivot salute in 4 groups as intro.
VERSE 2 Repeat as before M5-24.


MEAS. 31 Step t w/tilt clap at shoulder level for 4 meas., then tilt clap higher for 2 meas. M37: repeat as before through M41.
MEAS. 42-44 IF SINGING: pull fists down to sides, pivot salute on world, freeze. IF RESTING: hold, then circle fists back up on one great hope, then pull fists down to sides.
MEAS. 45 All push both fists up.
  M46: go to power pose in 4 groups, half note beat.
  M48: open R into jazz hand above and drop all to front.
  M49: all pivot and salute.


SATB, Level 4....5805**
3-Part Mixed, Level 3....5806**
2-Part, Level 2....5807**
SoundTrax Cassette....3879**
**This choral and all corresponding components are permanently out of print.