by Stephen Foster, Mary Donnelly and George Strid
Positioning: Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Tableau looking out at a "race" - hands above eyes (Vol. 2, 80) at different levels, binoculars on (pretend or real!), placing bets w/large fake money, hats on, etc.
MEAS. 6 All bounce 4X double time, then alternate up/down half time. (Alternate rows OR sides.) Repeat.
MEAS. 14 RESTING: keep low double time bounce going.


MEAS. 14 Tilt clap to R, L, R, L. Hold reins front. Repeat.
  M22: turn to the L while placing R palm out flat to R.
  M24: lift R up and beckon in.
  M26: tilt clap to R, L, R, L.
  M28: punch R fist across
1st ENDING All bounce, then alternate as before.


MEAS. 14 Hold reins front. Tilt clap to R, L, R, L. Repeat.
  M22: scoop look to R (Vol. 2, 86), then to L.
  M26: L palm flat out, then slap it w/R palm on bobtail.
  M28: punch L fist across.
2nd ENDING All bounce.
MEAS. 35 Count off w/fingers facing in: R index to R, 2 fingers on L hand to L, 3 fingers on R hand in front of face.
MEAS. 41 PART I: show 4 fingers on R hand to R, to L.
  PART II: L hand holds reins, R fist up in air.
  M43: all circle R fist above 2X (opt. - 4X).
MEAS. 45 All do as before, matching own vocal line through M59.
MEAS. 60 PART I: pan R palm open to R. PART II: pan L palm open to L.
MEAS. 61 On vocal, hold binoculars low to front.
  M63: bounce 4X.
  M65: all tilt clap to R, L, R, L.
  M67: turn center, placing downstage palm flat out to audience.
  M68: upstage palm circle over top of head and hits downstage palm.


2-Part, Level 2.....16257
SoundTrax Cassette.....12313**
** The SoundTrax is no longer available.