by Sally K. Albrecht
Positioning: Guys center (Basses above Tenors)
MEAS. 1 IF RESTING: pray low w/heads down, knees bent.
  MELODY: facing L diagonal, lean to R w/flat R palm out (stop), then straighten while knocking R fist above. Repeat. Flip palm up while leaning R, index pulls in. M5: repeat all opp.
MEAS. 9 BACK UPS: pray low to R, reach up on oh, then pray low to L, reach up then back to R. Flip both palms out to front while leaning front, pull both index fingers in.
MEAS. 17 MELODY: circle R index low, around to L, over head and up to R diagonal on gate. Lower during hold.
  M21: facing R diagonal, slowly cross arms and pulse there. BACK UPS: low pray then move to match lyric using R palm, then L.
MEAS. 25 MELODY: repeat index circle w/L, play trumpet R, L, R, L, lower slowly. BACK UPS: low pray then move to match lyric using R palm, then L.
MEAS. 33 MELODY: repeat as before. BACK UPS: push flat R palm across to L diagonal (Vol. 2, 2 w/flat palm). Pull back in. M37: repeat w/L. Beckon in from front w/both index.
MEAS. 41 MELODY: R index starts at shoulder (Vol. 2, 111) and pushes straight up on fly. Lower to front.
  M45: R jazz above head to L, R, L, R. Shimmer drop front. BACK UPS: low pray then move to match lyric.
MEAS. 49 MELODY: repeat point up w/L and drop. Both jazz above head to R, L, R, L. Shimmer drop front.
MEAS.57 MELODY: push R flat palm across to L, pulse 2X and pull in. Shake both hands above on Alleluia." Repeat w/L. BACK UPS: R flat palm at shoulder on oh and push out to L on no. Pulse 2X and pull in. Repeat w/L.
MEAS. 55 All repeat as before through M80.
MEAS. 81 GALS: lean forward and flip palms out, lean back. GUYS: lean back, lean forward and flip palms out.
MEAS. 83 All flip palms out at chin level (Vol. 2, 84).
  M84: lift R up, then L up, end w/both palms shaking above (Vol. 2, 10).


SATB, Level 4.....16280 SSAB, Level 3.....16281