by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Mixed voices: men center. Treble: Part II center, Part I on sides.
MEAS. 3 Solo downstage. Others enter w/step t or step t in place.
MEAS. 11 All turn to singers who lift scoop pray (Vol. 1, 17).
  ALL songbook front on Singiní in the church.
  M13: turn to singers who mime playing piano on M14.
  M15: turn to singers who mime holding guitar, they play on
  M16 over and back, over and back.
  M17: all play pretend instruments (Vol. 2, 58).


MEAS. 19 Double step R, snapping high w/R on 2nd touch. Repeat L.
  M21: step t while lifting both arms up.
  M22: drop arms, then swing R and L on wowoís.
  M23: repeat as before.
  M25: stop feet and lift arms front, fist on rest, open and drop on long.
MEAS. 27 Hit thighs 2X leaning front, snap both high. Repeat 4X w/singers facing front, others facing center, leaning in and out.
  M29: hold "radio" over R ear leaning up/in and back/out.
MEAS. 31 Scoop play trumpet to R (Vol. 1, 64), L, R, L.
MEAS. 33 All low front to aud. M34: small head nod and stand.


MEAS. 35 Repeat as before. Girlsí trio may move downstage R.
  REPEAT: All do own thing: clap, snap or hit thighs on beats 2 & 4.
  M38: repeat as before beginning on wowoís.
  2nd ENDING: Open and drop.
MEAS. 44 Reach both up, fist on rest. Open and drop slowly.
MEAS. 47 Hit thighs 2X leaning front/center, snap both high. Repeat 3X then drop palms on fermata.
MEAS. 49 Turn front if not already there.
  M50: lean towards audience, reach R hand out on final meas.


SATB, Level 4....5815
3-Part Mixed, Level 3....5816**
2-Part/SSA, Level 2....5817**
SoundTrax Cassette....3886**
**Permanently Out of Print