by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Mixed voices: Guys on top rows, Gals on bottom rows. Treble voices: Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Flat R palm and elbow (90o look) moves to L and R of body while R foot lunges out, in, out, in. Repeat w/L 2X.
  M5: place R palm above w/R lunge, repeat L while matching palms above (Vol. 2, 22).
  M7: "Egyptian" look - lowering pray down side to side w/head on opposite side - head moves to R, L, R, L.


MEAS. 9 IF RESTING: continue head/pray switch w/half time pulse. IF SINGING: double arm circle pan over R shoulder (opt. step t 2X to R and back).
  M13: all sweep R arm up w/palm facing out and step t R, repeat L.
  M15: turn palms into pray position and lower Egyptian-style.


MEAS. 9 SINGERS: pan flat L palm across R to L (Vol. 1, 79). Lift palm up to L and lower down to heart (opt. - step touch). All else repeat as before.


MEAS. 19 90o arm cross and lunge w/R 2X, repeat w/L 2X.
  M23: L palm down to earth, R palm up to heaven (pop heels, eyes follow). Switch palm position on King.
MEAS. 27 Drop L palm over to L on mountain.
  M29: circle palm facing down from low R into chest level.
  M31: reach R jazz up on heaven, L jazz down on nature.
MEAS. 33 Repeat as before during Intro.
MEAS. 41 Repeat as before, but switch parts if mixed voices.


MEAS. 51 Repeat as before through M68. M69: continue 90o arms a bit higher.
MEAS. 73 Freeze in lunge position facing L w/both arms extended and R foot back.Straighten into pray front.
  M77: sweep arms as before.
MEAS. 81 Repeat lunge facing R.
MEAS. 89 Repeat as before. M103: repeat as before during Intro.
MEAS. 111 SINGERS: repeat lunge L, pull into pray. RESTING: Egyptian as before.
  M115: SINGERS lunge R, OTHERS Egyptian.
MEAS. 119 All sweep R, sweep L, Egyptian down.
  M123: 90o to R 2X, L 2X, final pray pose on levels.


SATB, Level 4.....16295**

2-Part, Level 2.....16297**

SAB, Level 3.....16296**

SoundTrax Cassette.....16424**

** Permanently Out of Print