by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Mixed voices: Men on outsides or center. Part I vs. Part II. 4 Divide group into 4 sections: 1 2 3 4 OR by row OR area: 1 2 3
INTRO Pop clap using whole note beat (Vol 2, 41-44) in 4 groups, then repeat using half note beat, repeat (follow clap down to thighs).


MEAS. 5 IF SINGING: pan R flat palm across from L to R (Vol. 1, 79), then R fist up to R on dream (Vol. 2, 126). Freeze there. IF RESTING: open stance (Vol. 2, 128). M13: pan L flat palm across from R to L, L fist up to L on M16.
MEAS. 17 LYRIC: salute w/R (Vol 2, 19: Men), M19: push R up (Vol. 2, 1). OOís: slowly stand straight facing front.
MEAS. 21 ALL power pose w/R fist up and L holding R elbow (Vol 2, 125).
  M23: turn R into jazz hand and drop front on free.


MEAS. 25 In 4 groups, cymbal clap up (R passes across L and up).
  M29: fist R up on United, pull down on stand.
MEAS. 33 March in place 4X (Vol. 1, 95) R, L, R, L.
  M37: all cymbal clap up on ring, freeze.
1st ENDING Repeat pop claps as Intro.


MEAS. 9 IF SINGING: gather R into heart, L into heart, freeze M13.
  IF RESTING: open stance. M13: double circle pan to L (Vol. 1, 80-81).
MEAS. 17 Repeat as before.
MEAS. 21 Reach out in any direction for your dream, fist and pull back on day.


MEAS. 25 Repeat as before through M38. DESCANT march forward M33.
2nd ENDING All pop clap center.
MEAS. 49 Repeat as before through M61 (cymbal clap up). DESCANT: pan R flat palm across in front from L to R.
  M53: pan L flat palm across overhead from R to L.
  M57: double circle pan front, join clymbal clap up on ring.
MEAS. 63 ALL salute w/R. M65: R hand straight up, then fall to R.
MEAS. 69 Turn R w/R palm over heart (Vol. 2, 97).
  M71: salute w/R, pushing out to flag on M73 (Vol. 2, 98).

SATB, Level 4....11625
3-Part Mixed, Level 3....11626
2-Part, Level 1....11627
SoundTrax CD....12292