ON DVD "In the Spotlight!" #27432

by Sally K. Albrecht


Voice parts or mixed formation.


Roll arms to R 3X, form 90 arms to R. Repeat L, R, L.


Tummy walk to R: R jazz hand out to R and L jazz hand over

tummy (both are shaking) - walk R, together, R and touch.

Repeat tummy walk to L - walk L, together, L and touch.

M13: roll arms front while leaning front, lean back.

M15: 90 arms up to R 2X, up to L 2X.

MEAS. 17

Repeat tummy walk to R and L.

M21: beckon in audience w/R hand (opt. R mambo out and

back). Beckon in w/L.


MEAS. 25

Form a "tableau" around solo/duet. Perhaps 1st verse

downstage R, 2nd verse downstage L and 3rd verse downstage

center. React as crowd - to solo/duet and to each other.

Opt. verse 3 - solo/duet moves upstage center on risers before

final chorus.

M41 - long point w/R arm on Verses 1 and 2. Verse 3 - show

the solo/duet where to go raising R arm up. Return to places.

At end of 3rd verse, descant moves to special area.

MEAS. 45

Repeat as before on CHORUS thru M60. Optional - some

students form a line following a piñata, students swing at

piñata. If broken, distribute treats at end of song!

DESCANT: "S-curve" w/R arm above, w/L above, repeat R, L.

M49: tummy walk R, 90 R 2X, 90 L 2X.

M53: repeat "S-curves" w/ R, L, R, L.

M57: tummy walk L, beckon in w/L.

MEAS. 60

ALL lift both hands up in front, bring into chest on me.

M65: ALL "S-curves" w/R, L, R, then quick L and R.

3-Part Mixed, Level 3....19298
2-Part, Level 2....19299
SoundTrax CD....19300