ON DVD “On with the Show!” #27435

(The Music)
by Jay Althouse

Mixed voices: men center or top, or men vs. women. Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Using piano rhythm, hit thighs, clap, then pull back R and L snaps over head on “and 4” - first facing R 2X, L 2X, Center 2X. On m7: hit, clap, clap, then snap forming S-curve w/R hand above head and L hand curved in front.
MEAS. 9 Tummy walk (step, together, step, touch w/R jazz hand out to R and L jazz hand in at tummy - both are shimmering) to R, L, R, L.
M13: roll arms 4X high to low. Lift both palms up and drop quickly.
MEAS. 17 Repeat tummy walk R, L, R, L. Roll arms, ending w/2 claps over R shoulder.
MEAS. 25 Swing R index front, then L. Lift both up to clasp above, then pull down.
M29: swing R 90° arm out to R, add L. Lift up and freeze.
M33: sweep parallel arms over the top and fist at R hip (opt. step t), repeat
to L, using piano rhythm, R ball change, L, R. (Opt. - echoing vocal can start one measure later.)
MEAS. 37 Repeat tummy walk as before (Opt. - echoing vocal can start one measure later to R, L, then quick R, L.)
M41: snap R up w/L across front, flip to L, R, L (high to low). Lift both and
drop quickly.
MEAS. 45 Repeat, ending w/crossed fists lifting and opening to shoulders, 2 claps over R shoulder.
MEAS. 53 Repeat as intro.
MEAS. 61 LEAD VOCAL: as before w/tummy walk.
COUNTERLINE: sweep parallel arms over top to R, L, R, L, roll low to singers on rest, slowly lift body up, then on m67 hit clap, clap, S-curve above. Repeat, ending w/claps over R shoulder.
MEAS. 77 As before.
MEAS. 89 Tummy walk as before for all. Snaps R, L, R, L high to low.
MEAS. 97 Tummy walk as before.
M101: when you sing, snap both 4X from low to high, pull fists in and cross.
When resting, roll arms low to singers.
MEAS. 105 ALL hit thighs, clap, clap, then push both flat palms to R. Flip flop in and up in a wave from stage R to L, ending w/claps on piano rhythms m108.
MEAS. 109 Repeat as intro. (Opt.: add sweep arms, add confetti, streamers, etc.)
M115: lift both arms up, ending in S-curve w/R above and 2 R stomps out.

SATB, Level 4...21825
SAB, Level 3...21826
2-Part, Level 2...21827
SoundTrax CD...21828