arranged by Patsy Ford Simms
Positioning: Mixed voices: women form circle around men (Vol. 2, 24). Treble voices: Altos form circle around Sops.
  NOTE: All knee positions are optional throughout.
  NOTE: kum ba yah = "Come by here"
INTRO R hand to front, palm up. L hand to front and clasp center.
  M3: lower R knee down, then down on both knees.
MEAS. 5 R palm lift up slightly from shoulder to R (facing in), then in, out then in.
  M7: repeat w/L to L.
  M9: repeat w/both to center. On Oh, Lord, lift hands up, then clasp above. Sign language: come = circle index fingers in, here = open palms (facing up) circle to outside from center.
  M13: drop R hand down, then L down, then drop head and pray. (Opt. - counterline slowly stands up center).
MEAS. 16 MELODY: repeat as before, but lift slightly from kneeling position and lower back down each time hands lift and lower. COUNTERLINE: bring hands into songbook front.
  M17: lift up.
  M18: open and drop down sides into book. Repeat 2X.
  M21: ALL as before on Oh, Lord, kum ba yah.
  M24: drop R hand down, then L down, then drop head and pray. (Option - all others slowly stand).
MEAS. 27 Divide choir into 3 random groups - choose own cryiní pose to R on beat 1, 2, or 3. (Option - scoop pray to R - Vol. 1, 17).
  M28: pull into clasp center.
  Repeat L. Repeat center. Then all else as before.
MEAS. 35 R palm out and in to R, repeat w/L to L. On final kum ba yah, sign and slowly lower R knee, L knee, drop body down while lifting hands into final fingertip pray position above (Vol. 2, 22), looking up.


3-Part Mixed, Level 3....11321
2-Part, Level 2....11322