by Patsy Ford Simms


Positioning: Mixed voices: Men center. 2-Part: Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Using fists, punch R fist and shoulder forward over L fist, then back, forward and back, forward and forward and back (opt. mirror this movement using the R foot forward and back).
MEAS. 4 Facing stage R, lift both hands up and push back (mirror w/R foot), lift up and up again higher.
  M7: repeat to Lóup and back, up and up.
  M9: repeat to front using R foot.
  M11: half note jazz walk R, quick L, R, whole note to L. M13: stomp R and L w/fists to the floor R and L.


MEAS. 14 LEAD LINE: reach R hand out to R, pull back into chest. Repeat w/L to L. Repeat with both to front.
  BACK UPS: lean back from singers, lean in shaking downstage index finger 4X, lean back, reach in w/both hands, lean back, shake downstage index finger 4x.
  M20: ALL reach both hands up using flat palms above.
  M21: clasp above (Vol. 2, 123) and shake down.
  M22: repeat intro.
CHORUS M4: repeat as before.


MEAS. 14 LEAD LINE: repeat as verse one but higher level and intensity.
  BACK UPS: lean back from singers, shake both jazz up to heaven, lean back, reach in w/both, lean back, shake jazz up.
CHORUS M25: Repeat as before.
  DESCANT: opt. half note jazz walk to R, L, then pray in semi-circle over head from R to L. Repeat to L. Repeat to R.
  M32: ALL jazz walk as before Ró, L, R, long L.
  M34: repeat jazz walk.
MEAS. 36 Low until vocal joins, then do intro move w/R fist over and back.
  M39: stomp R and L w/fists to the floor R and L.
  M40: roll both arms low to high facing front 4X (Vol. 2, 124).
  M41: R jazz to heaven w/R foot out, L jazz to heaven w/L foot out.


3-Part Mixed, Level 3.....17675**
2-Part, Level 2.....17676**
SoundTrax Cassette.....17677**
** This choral and corresponding SoundTrax are permanently out of print.