arr. by Sally K. Albrecht


Positioning: Part I (stage R) vs. Part II (stage L).
MEAS. 1 Hold reins front and bounce 4X, look to R (Vol. 2, 86).
  M5: repeat, look L.
MEAS. 9 Holding reins, bounce R, center, L, center, front 2X then pull back w/reins.
  M13: alternate rows up and down (Vol. 2, 63) (opt. alternate sides up/down--Part I vs. Part II).
MEAS. 17 All bounce R, center, L, center. Repeat.
  M21: bounce low 4X. PART I: stand w/hands on chest, laugh w/friends, lower down and drop head on rests.
  PART II: hold low (Vol. 2, 52), look R, look L.
MEAS. 28 ON VOCAL: Snap both 4X over head R to L (Part I, then Part II).
  M32: ALL snap 4X L to R, then R to L 3X.
  On "Oh" both jazz way up and shake down sides.
MEAS. 37 PART I: snap both 4X over head R to L, repeat L to R.
  PART II: holding L arm front, "draw" w/R palm up and over then under L arm, tilt clap R, L, R, L.
  M41: ALL hold reins and bounce R, center, L center, front 2X, pull back.
MEAS. 45 Repeat as above, ending w/fists up on Hey!
MEAS. 53 Repeat as before (M1-12).
MEAS. 65 All draw w/R palm (see PART II M37), PART I breast stroke front while PART II tilt claps.
  M69: PART I hold reins R, center, L center, front 2X, pull back. PART II turn L holding reins w/L, circle and slap thigh w/R 4X.
MEAS. 73 Draw w/R, PART I breast stroke while PART II waves arms above to R, L, R, L.
  M77: PART I ride horse to L while PART II shivers low.
  M78: ALL hold face and shiver low, hold reins front 2X, pull back, then fist up on Yo!
MEAS. 81 All ride horse to L w/R thigh slaps.
D.S. al Coda Repeat as before.
CODA Look R, look L, draw w/R palm.
  M91: tilt clap R, L, R, L. Ride horse to L w/R thigh hit 2X.
  M95: hold low to front, end w/R fist up on Hey!


2-Part, Level 2.....16373
SoundTrax CD.....17001