by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Roll arms to the R 3X (Vol. 1, 3), then snap up. Repeat L. 90 arms R, L (Vol. 1, 100) using half note beat.
  M4: 90 arms R, L, R (quarter, quarter, half).
MEAS. 5 Tummy walk to the R - R, L, R, touch (Vol. 1, 99). Repeat L. Then lean back from R fanning self w/both hands 4X.
MEAS. 9 PART I: tummy walk to R and hold. PART II: hold, then tummy walk to L.
MEAS. 11 Scoop step to center, then play maracas front using lots of shoulders on to have fun (R, L, R).
MEAS. 13 Interlude - 90 arms as before (R-L-RLR-).
MEAS. 15 Tummy walk R, tummy walk L. Roll arms up, roll arms down.
  M19: repeat as before thru M22.
MEAS. 23 Point up w/R index on own vocal Sing high (Vol. 2, 114). Point down w/R index on sing low. Both arms wave like mad above head to R, L, R and L as if tropical winds!
MEAS. 27 As before. M29: roll arms to R 3X then snap up, repeat L. Interlude as before.
MEAS. 33 Tummy walk R, tummy walk L. Tilt clap R, L, R, L.
  M37: as before thru Interlude.
MEAS. 43 Repeat as before thru Interlude.
MEAS. 53 Freeze tummy walk position to R and switch to L, and switch to fan and fan again.
MEAS. 57 PART I: freeze tummy R, then PART II freeze tummy L.
  M59: all switch tummy into center. Play maracas as before on to have fun.
MEAS. 61 ALL as before on Verse 2.
  DESCANT: wave arms above to R, L, R, L. Then roll arms up and down with others. Wave arms above again, join others.
MEAS. 69 All scoop step out, play maracas. M71: scoop step in.
  M72: shake head "no" to R and L.
  M73: play maracas 9X from R to L over head. End w/S-curve arms on final measure (Vol. 1, 101) - R above, then L above.


2-Part, Level 1....4737**
SoundTrax Cassette....3857**
** This choral and corresponding SoundTrax Cassette are permanently out of print