ON DVD "In the Spotlight!" #27432

by Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse


Concert position - voice parts in sections


M2: R jazz reaches from low R up to R side, turn into fist and

pull into R shoulder. Repeat reach w/L.

M5: clap low R, medium L, high R, double high L (opt. step t).


Open stance center w/flat palms to the floor, pan R across high

from L to R on "spotlight.". Clap center on beat 4, open stance.

M10: clap RH piano rhythm from low to high on L side of body.

M11: open stance, pan flat L across, clap on beat 4, open palms

front. M14: snap RH piano rhythm at face (R, L, R, L), clap.

MEAS. 15

Wiper sway R, L, R, L. Opera pose leaning R. Lean L w/thumbs

in, open and drop hands while coming center, clap 2X on "& 4."

M19: open stance, R pan, clap, open stance.

M22: clap low R and L, medium R and L, high R and L, snap

RH piano rhythm at face, clap.

MEAS. 26

MELODY: open stance, R pan, clap, open stance, point center

stage, clap. Open stance, L pan, clap, open stance, frame face.

HARMONY: bounce to singers, shake R hand up, bounce, shake

L hand up, bounce, hold "phone" w/R, bounce, thumbs in.

MEAS. 34

Opera pose leaning R, wiper sway L, R, L, R. Men: sinister look

front or feel "mustache." Gals: swoon or vapors. All clap "& 4."

M38: open stance, R pan, clap, open stance, clap low R and L,

high R and L.

MEAS. 43

MELODY: R index out R, R index out L, hold face ("Home

Alone" look), drop hands front. REST: hold low to singers.

M47: conduct front, clap lightly 4X to L low to high.

M49: R jazz reaches from low R up, clap, repeat reach L.


Small groups pose as "stars" (add scarf, shades, tiara, etc.)

Change every 2 measures. Opt. add a photographer to pose for.

M60: all add snaps front as before, clap.

MEAS. 61

Repeat as before on these lyrics.

M67: men hold villain look. M69: gals swoon or vapors while

men get down on knees, kiss gals hands or bow to them. Clap.

MEAS. 71

Open stance, R pan, clap, open stance.

M75: on "show," R jazz reaches, fist and pull in, repeat L.

M79: jab both jazz hands front to floor 2X then lift up.

M82: frame own face. M83: flip hands over and drop from face.

M84: facing L diagonal, put R hand out to audience on "in," put

L jazz hand up above on "a," then shake both on "show."

M86: clap on beat 2, final "show people" pose on beat 3 w/opt.

photographer flash.


3-Part Mixed/SAB, Level 3....19259
2-Part, Level 2....19260
SoundTrax CD....19261