arr. by Dave Riley and Jay Althouse
Positioning: Mixed voices: couples and trios or feature 1-3 couples.
  SSA - adapt around chair(s) filled with with audience guy(s).
INTRO Move to partner for 3 meas. Turn back to back on meas. 4.
MEAS. 5 Sway downstage and upstage 2X. Scoop clasped hands to partner, looking over shoulder on love. Head nods match rhythm on baby.
MEAS. 9 Repeat sways. Pan ds palm to center - hold hands, head nods.
MEAS. 13 GALS: thinker pose w/pulse to outside (Vol. 1, 15). GUYS: thinker pose front, then finger tips together 2X.
MEAS. 15 ALL point both index front on rest, 2 head nods on sure to. Lean to partner and away on find, using rhythm.
MEAS. 17 Grapevine R end w/L heel and push hands high. Repeat L.
MEAS. 19 Flash outside hand around face to outside. M20 fist into heart.
MEAS. 21 Sway back to back, push flat ds palm to center, head nods 2X.
MEAS. 25 GALS: lift outside hand in air, flex wrist ("floozy" style). GUYS: explain to gals you have no $$$, down on knee to her.
MEAS. 29 ALL step t R, L, R, L in "married" pose.
  M31: turn to partner, hold hands and head nods 2X.
MEAS. 33 R index above (L on waist) out and in 4X (Vol. 2, 112) w/head turn and R toe. Open R hand and drop on love.
MEAS. 39 GALS: cross arms, turning away. M41: turn in w/fists on waist.
  M42: take long step away to L in front of guy, angry with him.
  GUYS: explain lyric to gals. Scoop in on love.
  M42: take long step to R, trying to grab her!
MEAS. 43 Repeat, switch back on M46.
MEAS. 47 Repeat as before thru M66.
MEAS. 67 R index out and in above 4X as before, end w/a R ball change.
MEAS. 69 Turn to L w/hands flat to floor at hips - out and in 4X, ending with a R ball change.
MEAS. 71 R index out and in above 4X. On rest, step back and lift arms to partner on love.
  M75: GAL turn away and cross arms while GUY cuddles from behind. On final meas. GAL turns in and kisses his cheek, GUY pulls away depressed then surprised at her change of heart.


SATB, Level 4....4784
3-Part Mixed, Level 3....4785
SSA, Level 3....4786
SoundTrax CD....3868