ON DVD "In the Spotlight!" #27432
IA ORA! (Tahitian for "Hello")

by Dave and Jean Perry


Mixed - in voice parts. Part I vs. Part II. Some students may be

seated cross-legged or kneeling (to adapt - see video).


Hit thighs (or floor), fold arms and hit 2X, hit backs of hands

together, fold arm hit (Rhythm: 1, 2 &...& 4). Opt. make up own

body rhythms.



Gather in 2X w/R hand flip moving across body, push both

palms low to R and L, repeat L. Repeat R and L. (Adapt if Solo).

MEAS. 13

"Flip flop" both hands in and up from low R, then flip back

down to low R (opt. "wave" across choir from stage R to L).

M15: form circle low in front w/palms resting in each other, lift

arms above head w/palms overlapping and facing up. Repeat

M17: repeat "flip flops" to L, circle arms as before.


MEAS. 21

Hit both thighs, lift L arm at 90 in front w/palm facing in and

hit elbow, back of hand and elbow again w/R hand. Repeat w/R

arm up.

M23: Pull R cupped hand to R ear w/L hand pushing out.

Repeat opp.

M25: repeat hits and ear pulls.

MEAS. 29

Repeat as VERSE 1 thru M 44.

MEAS. 45

Repeat as before on CHORUS.

MEAS. 53

Fists up on either side of face, turned in: look R and open R

palm to R, switch to L, back to R and push R palm out

(Rhythm: quarter, quarter, half). Repeat to L, R, L.

M57: form circle low and high, repeat. Ear pulls R and L.

MEAS. 61

Repeat as Intro 4X (opt. body rhythms.)

M65: hit thighs/floor, R hits L shoulder, R shoulder, then drops

to front. Repeat w/L. Repeat w/both. Then hit shoulders

cross/open, drop both front.

MEAS. 69

IF SINGING: repeat hits and ear pulls as before on CHORUS.

IF RESTING: repeat Intro hits.

MEAS. 77

ALL repeat hits and ear pulls as before on CHORUS.

MEAS. 85

ALL repeat hits, then shoulder hits cross/open. Repeat opp.

M89: circles low and high 2X. M 91: gather in 2X R, 2X L.

M93: Intro hits, sweep arms up into circle above head w/palms

overlapping and facing up.


3-Part Mixed, Level 3....19283
2-Part, Level 2....19284
SoundTrax CD....19285