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Staging Suggestions


by Jay Althouse


Mixed Voices: couples or trios or Women vs. Men.


SSA: Adapt choreography, perhaps around chair(s) with guy.



Step touch R and L with R snap swinging up R, down L, up R, then circle R arm 2X to L w/hips circling, too. Repeat.




Facing L diagonal, step t to R, L and R w/arms snap swinging up R, up L and up R. Then step L and R while turning to R.


M7: repeat facing R diagonal.


M9: facing each other, guy leans in and gal leans back.


M10: trade (Vol. 1, 30).


1st ENDING: both lean in (opt. clasped hands Vol. 1, 29).


M12: lean back while raising both arms up (palms up) and pulse low to high 4X.




Repeat as above.


2nd ENDING: both lean in.


M14: if singing you raise arms, if singing fa la la la then lift arms up, scoop clasped hands out then reach back in.


MEAS. 15

IF SINGING: shy step t w/hands behind back R, L, R, L, lean in and listen w/R to ear (Vol. 2, 15), push R hand up and drop.


IF RESTING: lean away from singers w/hands clasped over outside shoulder. Tilt head side to side 3X on Bm's (Vol. 1, 51).

MEAS. 19

IF SINGING: raise inside hand w/palm down to men, then lean back w/vapors using other hand (Vol. 1, 43).


IF RESTING: lean away from singers w/hands clasped over outside shoulder.

MEAS. 21

All lean in w/hands on own thighs. Reach in w/both as before.


MEAS. 23

Repeat step touches as before thru M26.


M27: Outside palm to forehead (Vol. 2, 21), scoop clasp in (Vol.1, 29), then out again w/palm to forehead.


M28: hold low to center, lift inside hand up to mouth and throw a kiss on M29 rest on beat 1 - hold arm there.


M30: drop hand.

MEAS. 31

ON VOCAL: drop low to R. M32: drop low to L.


M33: scoop away, then scoop in.


M34: hold low to center.

MEAS. 35

Repeat as before at Intro.


M39: lean away and raise arms center, throw a kiss on cut off.


SATB, Level 4....18682, SAB, Level 3....18683, SSA, Level 3....18684

SoundTrax CD....18685, SoundPax....18686

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