arr. Philip Kern
Positioning: Start in small gossiping groups of 8-12, men towards the front.
MEAS. 3 Snobby "opera pose" (clasp front), circle R palm out on free.
  M7: shake a fist front 2X. M9: hit L palm w/R fist 3X.
MEAS. 11 Note body parts mentioned--one person in each group in charge of moving on each. (i.e. nose, lip, cheeks,brow, etc.)
  M17: ALL lift a fist up, then 3 punches on knockdown blow.


MEAS. 19 MEN march front to 3 lines (opt. keystone cops rush)-Tenors R. GALS freeze in tableau.
MEAS. 23 Men at attention (open stance w/arms behind, Vol. 2, 128).
  M 25: tilt R.
  M27: at attention, salute w/R bringing feet together.
MEAS. 31 Every other guy down low (duck) or up high (shoot gun) 4X.
  M35: turn to R diag. w/R arm fisted up front and L behind.
  M37: devilish smile front.
MEAS. 38 TENORS point R index 2X to R then duck. BASS: look low across quickly R to L.
  M40: repeat to L. Then 1st row grab guns low, 2nd med., 3rd up.
  M44: pan w/gun from outside into center-react to center OOPS!
MEAS. 46 Repeat as before.
MEAS. 54 Tilt to R, salute on ten-tive.
  M58: at attention. M60: circle body as if unbalanced on ship.


MEAS. 62 Men move to L and hold at attention, Gals invade to front and R into gossiping groups, giggling as they move, some seated.
MEAS. 70 Flat palms up out at sides (Vol. 2, 84).
  M 72: cross palms front and out (Vol. 2, 93-94).
  M74: R palm flat above head (palm down) 3X low to high.
  M76: show big head!
  M78: gossip w/neighbor, look sadly low to L, react on rest.
MEAS. 84 Sway to R, L, R, L.
  M88: hold R palm flat above head, M90: look sadly low to L, clasp front on child.
MEAS. 93 Turn and look at solos. M101: gossip on rests.
MEAS. 102 Add an arm movement when singing, help seated gals up.
MEAS. 110 Move forward lifting both arms R, L, R, t, then back. Repeat. (opt. small group forms "Maypole" and dance in circle).
  M118: lift both, clasp into heart on her.
  M120: pan open from center on love, gals move to R side.


MEAS. 124 Facing center, MEN lean to R, GALS lean back, switch.
  M128: MEN shake R index 2X to gals, then cymbal claps 4X.
  M132: GALS do the same to L. (Keep opp. leans going)
MEAS. 136 MEN put R palm out at side, count off 1, 2, 3 on L fingers.
  M138: pull heavy rope from above w/R, then w/L.
  M140: at attention w/heel pops 4X.
MEAS. 144 GALS lean in (MEN back), switch, switch, switch.
  M149: GALS secret front while MEN look sickly.
MEAS. 151 R fist in air 4X, then punch R fist across low.
  M155: R fist in air 4X, then hold up R index, punch R fist across low on captain.


INTRO React w/cheers, hurrahs!
MEAS. 164 MEN hold still at attention. GALS opera pose, circle R palm out, R fist in air 2X, hit L palm w/R fist 3X.
MEAS. 172 MEN react with eyes and face only to lyrics. GALS R jazz flashes from eyes to R, wring hands down to L, opera pose, shake R index forward 3X on "t" words.
MEAS. 180 GALS freeze leaning to L w/palms out behind head to R.
  MEN move body part mentioned - subtle comedy! Fist up on fist, punch 3X.
  RESTS: a few men (5) plus a "Captain" move forward while fighting, GALS react.
MEAS. 190 5 GUYS do everything in lyrics-BIG-with Capt. coaching.
  CHORUS: lean R, lean L, low front, hold monocle w/R to R eye.
MEAS. 198 5 GUYS march in circle following Capt. who stops on yes and gets run into by others.
  CHORUS: lean R, flash R, lean L, L to chest, low front, lean back on yes, flash R 2X.
PRESTO 5 GUYS run back to places facing back of stage, turn front w/stamp and growl on rest.
  CHORUS: one final slow flash R, then lean front and yell, opera pose on rest.
MEAS. 213  
  CHORUS: yells again while 5 GUYS do lyric.
  M 215: R flash, L to chest, hold monocle w/R
MEAS. 219 5 GUYS at attention, CHORUS opera pose.
  M221: Capt. marches center, calls for 5 GUYS after tude.
  M221: CHORUS lift opera pose, hold monocle on tude, final tableau on cut off (opt. opera pose).
  M225: 5 GUYS march to center and form "V" behind him, salute on cut off.


SATB, Level 5.....16389
SAB, Level 3.....16390
SoundTrax CD.....17006