by Mary Donnelly, arranged by George Strid


Men center, Sop. R, Alto L


Start with top half of body low, shoulder pulls w/R shoulder until entrance.


MEN: hitchhike w/R thumb over R shoulder 2X (2nd time thumb falls over shoulder), repeat L.


ALTO: join in on own rhythm to match lyric.


SOP: join in with ALTO rhythm.

MEAS. 13

GALS: low bounce 4X, then 2X turning L, join men 1X on train. MEN: hitch w/L 4X. Lift both arms front, then quickly flip them out to the L on judgment (Vol. 1, 13), clasp and lower on day. Repeat.

MEAS. 25

ALL lift long arms out to the R w/palms down, shake them there on road. Come center w/fists on waist.

MEAS. 29

Lift long arms out to L, flip and shake at face on judgment. Come center w/fists on waist.

MEAS. 33

Ooey-gooey hands all over towards aud., pulling them in (Vol. 1, 61). Shake up towards face on make, flip to face on smile (Vol. 1, 53).


M37: train move 2X to L (Vol. 1, 32).

MEAS. 39

SOP: lift R jazz to heaven and shake (Vol. 1, 47). OTHERS: freeze, looking over R shoulder.

MEAS. 41

Repeat as before.

MEAS. 53

GALS: slow point up w/R index. freeze.


M55: MEN point up w/R index, then drop down, freeze.

MEAS. 57

GALS: center w/fists on waist.


M59: MEN fists on waist, GALS shake both above on Hallelujah.

MEAS. 61

Ooey-gooey hands all over.


M63: turn L w/R palm out like stop sign.


M65: train move 2X to L. SOP: lift R arms up and shake. OTHERS: freeze, looking over R shoulder.


Repeat as before.


Repeat as before through M80.

MEAS. 81

Lift both hands high to heaven when you sing want. (Stay low till then.)

MEAS. 84

ALL hitch w/R thumb, L thumb. On final ride, slow turn to L into train move at cut off.


3-Part Mixed, Level 3....4772