by Jay Althouse
Positioning Organize parts across stage: I, II, III or III, II, I
INTRO Push R jazz hand up (Vol. 1, 57), then L jazz hand up, then move arms side to side above (Vol. 1, 55) R, L, R, and down.


MEAS. 5 On vocal word long, turn to L and flip R palm out to audience.
  M7: lift R palm up above head, turn and shake palm front on land, leaning back slightly.
  M9: keep shaking till vocal, then repeat as before turning to R and flipping L palm out.
  M11: pan L hand to L (palm up), then R to R (palm down) and hold neighborís hand, shoulder height.
MEAS. 13 On vocal, drop both palms front and bend knees.
  M15: lift both up, turn and shake palms front.
  M17: "yell" at aud. to R w/R index (Vol. 2, 108), L fist on waist, repeat to L.
  M19: lift both up, clasp above (Vol. 1, 18) and drop on low piano note.
  M21: repeat as before during INTRO.


MEAS. 25 Train move facing L up and back 4X (Vol. 1, 8-9 and 32).
  M29: pan R palm across from L to R (palm up).
  M31: place R elbow on neighborís L shoulder and hold, dropping front on low piano note M32.


MEAS. 33 Repeat as before.


MEAS. 25

Train move as before.


M29: low bounce 4X moving to front.


M31: hold palms front to aud., gather them in on ride and drop on low piano note.


MEAS. 33 Repeat as before


MEAS. 54 R index to R, L index to L.
  M56: jazz hands above sway side to side R, L, R, L.
  M58: train move 2X.
  M60: lean low facing L diagonal w/R hand on knee (Vol. 1, 52), push R up on land and end w/R jazz extended above head. looking up (Vol. 1, 47).


3-Part Mixed, Level 3....5822
SSA, Level 3....5823