by Irv Rothenberg, arranged by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Straight lines, mixing voice parts if possible (Vol. 2, 105).
INTRO Lift R palm above w/palm facing up, L palm joins above (Vol. 2, 83).
  Push palms to front, drop and turn to solos.


MEAS. 5 Freeze facing solos center.
MEAS. 13 Assign groups #1-8: dramatic turn to front on beat 1 of each measure.
  M20: all lift R open palm, fist and pull it in while turning to side. (If big group of singers, turn to outside).


MEAS. 22 Hand shake across: turn one at a time to neighbor and offer R hand, neighbor takes it w/his left and turns to offer R, etc. Use half note beat. (Vol. 2, 76-77) (Big groups - shake hands from outsides towards center.)
  OPT. - match palms one row at a time (Vol. 2, 105).
MEAS. 30 Lift and unroll from stage R to L (Vol. 2, 78).
  M34: R palm flat out to R, then L into neighborís hand.
  M36: lift held hands to shoulder level. M37: repeat as before at Intro.


MEAS. 5 SINGERS: R reach front. M7: L reach front. Fist both on try. Slowly lower both fists on oo-ah.
  RESTING: hold front. Repeat as above on own lyric.
MEAS. 13 Reach and lean to R, fist on power, open and lift.
  M17: lower down, fist on hour, bring R fist into L palm while turning to side (or outsides).


MEAS. 22 Repeat as before. Lift up held hands on 2nd ending.
MEAS. 42 Step touch side to side w/held hands above.
  M46: lower held hands to front.
  M48: raise held hands up to shoulder height, 1 row at a time from floor level up.
MEAS. 50 In a wave from stage R to L, circle held hands around to L, then low, to R and back up. (Opt. - bring wave back from stage L to R.)
  M54: step touch w/held hands above. M56: freeze above.
  M57: slowly lower held hands to front.
  M59: lift held hands to shoulder height, 1 row at a time from floor level, lift slowly on peace until full extension on final note.


SATB, Level 4.....16200

3-Part Mixed, Level 3.....16201

2-Part, Level 2.....16202

SoundTrax CD.....12300