by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Mixed voices: Men center or Men vs. Women.
2-Part: Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Step t R and L while using R hand: snap high R, high L, low R and low L, repeat high R and L, low R, stand center.
MEAS. 5 IF RESTING: turn low to singers. IF SINGING: reach both hands out to R (Vol. 2, 88), bring back.
MEAS. 9 Singers reach both up to L, pull back playing "harp" 4X (R, L, R, L).
MEAS. 13 Step t R w/arms up ("touchdown" look), ball change swinging arms down. Repeat L.
MEAS. 15 Bring R palm front, add L palm ("good hands")
MEAS. 17 Repeat as at M13.
MEAS. 19 R jazz hand up to heaven, L jazz down to earth. On sing pull hands center into a songbook (Vol. 2, 25), look down. Look up on Hallelujah!, nod head once on baby is. Repeat as before on intro on born.
MEAS. 28 All reach both hands out to R, bring back.
MEAS. 32 All reach both up to L, bring back.
MEAS. 36 Repeat as before, 2 head nods on M46.
MEAS. 47 Hold open stance w/songbook front, one head nod.
MEAS. 51 Repeat as before on intro on born.
MEAS. 55 Repeat as before.
MEAS. 61 Do intro move (opt. use both arms and clap). Repeat.
MEAS. 65 Bring R hand up into songbook, add L hand.
MEAS. 67 Head down until vocals enter, then push both jazz up from shoulder level (Vol. 1, 53) with open stance.
MEAS. 70 Drop hands and stand tall on rest.
MEAS. 71 All reach both hands out to R on born.
MEAS. 73 Hold songbook front w/closed stance.
MEAS. 74 Lift book up, end in baby pose R (Vol. 2, 87) w/R lunge.
SATB, Level 4.....17757
SAB, Level 3.....17758
2-Part, Level 2.....17759
SoundTrax Cassette.....17760