arranged by Philip Kern
Positioning: SATB or SAB, or put Guys center.
INTRO During first 2 measures, chose a pose for a tableau, including praying, looking at a star, rocking a baby, etc. Hold during solo.


MEAS. 12 All rock baby to R, L, R, L (Vol. 2, 87). (Continue rock if resting) MEAS. GO: place R jazz hand to R of mouth facing R, lean back.
  MOUNTAIN: push R jazz hand up above (Vol. 1, 47).
  OVER THE HILLS: shake R jazz down to front.
  EVERYWHERE: snap both hands 4X from R to L.
MEAS. 24 Repeat as above, but using L jazz hand to L.
  JESUS CHRIST: pray front at chin level.
  BORN: baby rock. BACK UPS: funky R index point across to L 2X, repeat opp., then fall into low pray to outside.


MEAS. 34 SINGERS: look R w/R palm over eyes (Vol. 2, 86), then clasp above on asked (Vol. 2, 123), open and drop front on way. Nod head 2X forward on So Iíll. IF RESTING: hold low pray till M37, quick look and lift up, then low again.


MEAS. 45 Repeat as before, but switch movement to match lyric.


MEAS. 63 Repeat as before, but singers look to L. M72: Gals lift up flat palms out to side and look up. M73: all 2 head nods.


MEAS. 92 SOPRANOS: as before.
  ALTO/TENOR: point both index to R and hold, move across to L 2X then hold point to L, repeat as needed from side to side.
  BASS: Follow vocal line w/R index low to L 4X, then high to R w/L index 2X, then back low to L 6X.
MEAS.104 All pray front, then go back to own thing.
  M113: all shake both jazz hands above like mad!


MEAS. 114 M128: baby rock R and hold L.
MEAS. 130 In a wave from stage L to R, lift arms to clasp above.
  M134: BORN - jazz hands side to side above. OTHERS - funky index 4X.
  M138: all pray front, lift up.
  M140: jazz hands side to side above R, L, R and fall into baby rock to L.


SATB, Level 5.....16203

SAB, Level 3.....16204

SoundTrax CD.....12301