GOOD NEWS! (A Christmas Spiritual)
by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Basses/baritones in semicircle front, others on risers behind.
MEAS. 1 Hold low pray position till M9. BASS: reach R w/R hand palm up (Vol. 1, 36), then baby rock L and R (Vol. 2, 87). Repeat to L. Reach both up to center, then bring into "good hands." Shake both jazz back (Vol. 1, 53) and over on Hallelujah, reach both up to front and clap in, reach and clap.
MEAS. 9 BASS: repeat as above. BACK UPS: jab R jazz hand to floor 2X, lift to mouth on Oh. Repeat w/both hands, lift to mouth (Vol. 2, 30), Repeat w/L.
  M15: ALL shake jazz back and over, reach and clap 2X.

VERSE 1 and 2

MEAS. 17 Pan flat R hand across L to R (Vol. 1, 49), flip palm up and drop down. BASS: shake both jazz back and over on M20.
  M21: all lift L palm up to sky, get there on star.
  M23: lean low to R, lean low to L, reach and clap 2x.


MEAS. 26 Repeat as before.
MEAS. 34 Step onto R foot, touch L foot out 3X.
  M36: reach both up, pray in (using vocal rhythm), repeat.
  M38: step onto L foot, touch R foot out 3X.
  M40: reach up clap in 2X (using vocal rhythms), explode jazz hands up and out, clasp low on rest.
MEAS. 42 On vocal push R jazz up and over head, drop on next measure. Repeat w/L, then repeat w/both.
  M48: both jazz hands above head to R, L, R, center and drop.


MEAS. 50

Repeat as before.

MEAS. 58

BASS: repeat as before. BACK UPS: facing R, reach R up and clap in 4X, repeat L 4X, repeat w/both to center.


M64: ALL shake jazz back and over, repeat.

MEAS. 66

R jazz to floor, L jazz to floor, flip R up, flip L up.


M68: clasp above (Vol. 2, 123). BACK UPS: drop R hand, drop L hand, lift clasp up from center, hold baby pose to R on cut off (opt. hold clasp above). BASS: shake jazz back and over 3X, push up and clasp above.