FINALE FROM "The Gondoliers"
arranged by Sally K. Albrecht


Sop. stage R, Men center (Bass on top), Altos stage L

Clap over R shoulder on beats 2 and 3 plus beat 1 of measure 2. Repeat over L shoulder. M5: 90 arms w/snap R, L, R, L. End with big Italian kiss to audience.
MEAS. 11
Tasteful sway w/arms slightly in front of body and slight turn of body to R, L, R, R. Repeat L, R, L, L. Repeat R, L, R, R and L, R, L, L.
MEAS. 27
Sop. sing front forward while others look. Then Altos, quick S, A, S, A. Same w/Tenors, Basses. All ladies forward and men look to outsides. All clap 2X over outside shoulder on We'll dance.
MEAS. 43
Tastefully mime holding small sherry glass and turn into group of singers: Lift in a toast, clink with friend, drink, then clink. Find another group and repeat. M51: Lift R arm, lift L arm. M55: low center. M56: lift head on wildest. Dip turn to R and clap on 2, 3, 1
MEAS. 61
Repeat sways as before. End w/S-curve (R arm curved above, L curved in front) on M77. Throw head back on M78.
MEAS. 79
Repeat toasts and as before thru m90. M91: 90 arms R, L, R, L. M95: clap on beats 2 & 3 over R shoulder 2X low to high, repeat L. M99: lift R S-curve up, throw head back on M101 and freeze
MEAS. 103
Repeat as intro with claps and 90 snaps.
R index out on R diagonal, R fist into heart, R index back out, secret w/ R to L of mouth, wipe brow, arms into opera pose (fisted in front). Head tilts to R and L and R and L.
Push flat R palm across to L, paddle on R, L, R, L, yell w/R, stop w/L. Opera pose arms front w/head tilts.
MEAS. 128
More dramatic - add top of body with scoop tilts. M132: R index up, R fist to heart, dramatic paddle R, L, R, L, R, L, R, opera pose and head nod.
MEAS. 145
R closed hand (fingertips together - Italian-style) to R, open fingertips 3X getting higher each time, swing R fist over heart. Repeat w/L and cross over R w/L fist. M161: open fists front, lift open hands up on M162, drop after fermata. M167: stand tall, M169: 90 R, L, slow R S-curve above, throw head on cut off.
SATB, Level 5....20166
SoundTrax CD....20167