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Staging Suggestions


by Jerry Estes


Concert Position - voices parts in sections.



Students create own body rhythm using pats, snaps, taps, claps, etc. (Opt. - conductor can cue in rows or sections.)



Fold arms and pulse 2X (Vol. 1, 14), look R while pulsing 2X.


M9: reach both arms up ("touchdown" look), clap in at chest 2X on beats 3 & 4, repeat reach up and clap in 2X.


M11: repeat all.


M15: body rhythms again.


MEAS. 17

IF SINGING: facing R diag, R jazz at mouth (Vol. 1, 67), then push R jazz up. Facing L, do train move 2X (Vol. 1, 8-9) using R foot and arm up and back, up and back.


M21: repeat all.


IF RESTING: hold low facing singers or repeat body rhythms.


MEAS. 25

Repeat as before on own vocal.


M33: repeat body rhythms again.


MEAS. 35

IF SINGING: point R index up high (Vol. 2, 114), then R jazz above head to L and R (Vol. 2, 4 w/jazz hand).


M37: repeat using L index, L jazz above R and L.


M39: repeat using both index, both jazz above L and R.


M41: both reach up, clap in 2X, reach up, clap in 2X.


IF RESTING: hold low facing singers or repeat body rhythms.


MEAS. 43

Repeat as before on own vocal thru M 50.


M51: lift R jazz to mouth on own All aboard.


M53: all double time train facing L.


M54: clap low front, medium front, both reach up, clasp above and hold (Vol. 2, 123).

2-Part, Level 1....18705

SoundTrax CD....18706

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