by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Mixed voices: Men center Basses on top, Tenors on bottom.
  Part I vs. Part II.
  All singers start w/heads down, knees bent and hands clasped at chest level.
MEAS.1-7 On opening vocal Gloria, look and reach up. Slowly clasp hands above head on excelsis, then drop clasp and head. Repeat w/vocal. M8: lift head up on Oh.
MEAS. 9 All look R, placing R palm out and up above shoulder. Repeat to L.
  M11: slowly bring hands into center, clasp on M12.
MEAS. 13 Raise clasped hands up for 2 meas., then lower.
MEAS. 17 IF RESTING: lunge slightly to outside w/low clasp and opt. small pulse (Vol. 1, 17). IF SINGING: step t 3X to R and L. M21: bring hands into a songbook front. On high stop feet and lift hands.
MEAS. 25 IF RESTING: low clasp front, lifting and looking up on Oh. IF SINGING: same as M17.
  M31: all open and lift palms up on rejoice.
MEAS. 33 Circle clap above head 2X (piano rhythm), dropping to songbook front on M35 (opt. step t R and L).
MEAS. 37 Repeat circle claps, dropping into crossed fists at chest (opt. step t R and L).
  M41: lift up crossed fists. open hands above on we, clasp above on sing, then slowly lower clasp down w/head and knees.
MEAS. 47 MELODY: as before at M17/ OTHERS: low clasp front, lifting up on We sing 3X. Raise hands up on high.
MEAS. 55 ALL step t w/small fist punches down to the side.
  M59: into songbook.
  M61: stop feet and lift open palms.
MEAS. 63 As before at M33.
MEAS. 77 As before from M1-10.
  M87: bring hands into center. M88: clasp front.
  M89: lift head up.
  M90-92: slowly lift clasp up.
  M93: final note, open hands above ("touchdown" look), look up w/open stance.
SATB, Level 4....4761
SAB, Level 3....4762
2-Part, Level 2....4763