by Sally K. Albrecht
Positioning: Part I (stage R) vs. Part II (stage L).  
  Divide up into 4 groups (across the stage or high to low).
INTRO In 4 GROUPS: R arm straight up (Vol. 2, 1), L goes up to clasp
  above (Vol. 1, 18) (half notes), then slowly pull down on next measure, then pray low. 2nd group starts on 2nd measure, etc.
MEAS. 5 IF RESTING: pray w/pulse towards singers or hold low pray. IF SINGING: facing R diagonal, lift R hand up, then add L to make songbook on sing.
  M7:turn to front opening arms, then drop.
  M9: repeat facing L diagonal and lifting L hand first.
  M13: small tilt cymbal claps (Vol. 1, 84) RóLR lifting R palm up on angle, repeat LóRL, repeat R, repeat L (rhythm:1 2&)
  M17: ALL repeat INTRO (opt. reverse groups 4, 3, 2, 1).
MEAS. 21 IF RESTING: pray w/pulse towards singers or hold low pray. IF SINGING: repeat as above, facing L diagonal first, then R.
  M29: small cymbal claps as above.
  M33: ALL repeat INTRO (original order).
MEAS. 37 All repeat as before (first facing center, then facing away).
  M49: ALL repeat INTRO (opt. reverse groups).
MEAS. 53 IF RESTING: hold low pray.
  PART II: hold R palm up on angle to heaven, cymbal claps LRL holding L up on angle to heaven. Repeat as needed.
  PART I: small circle clap, then pop clap (Vol. 1, 10) and drop. Repeat as needed.
MEAS. 61 DESCANT: stand to sing, then small cymbal claps RLR, holding R up on angle to heaven, single clap up w/L and hold. Repeat.
MEAS. 65 Clasp above on vocal entrance (Vol. 1, 18). Open and close on Deo. Drop on singing.
MEAS. 67 PART I and PART II as before.
  DESCANT: pop clap and hold above ("touchdown" look), clap in low on beat 4. Repeat 3X.
  M71: clasp above on vocal entrance.
  M72: open, close, drop.
  M73: using piano rhythm, circle claps low to high 3X.
  M74: pop clap above, pray on final piano note.
2-Part, Level 2.....16955
SoundTrax CD.....17017