by Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse
Positioning: 3-Part - Men Center. Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Hitchhike w/R thumb 3X to R, clap on beat 4. Repeat to L, then "Monkey" R, L, R, L, R (freeze).


MEAS. 5 Step t (or sway) side to side w/R snaps above to R and overhead to L. Repeat.
  M7: continue, but snap low R and L.
  M9: hitch R 3X, then clap, repeat L.
  M11: lean back and swing arms and hips to R, L, circle R, L (Vol. 1, 86).
MEAS. 13 Step t again w/low tilt claps 2X, R snap above as before 2X.
  M17: all become "fat Santas" and slowly circle body R, back, L and front w/arms held out front.
  M19: lean back and swing arms and hips as before, adding one more throw to R (see piano rhythm).


MEAS. 21 IF RESTING: lean back, cross arms hit 2X, then back of hands hit together (Vol. 2, 99-100), repeat. IF SINGING: lean forward, pulsing thumbs in.
  M27: ALL lean forward and hold thumbs in, lean back as "fat Santas" on Ho, ho, ho! 3X, end w/R fist up.


MEAS. 30 Repeat as before


MEAS. 46 IF RESTING: repeat as before. IF SINGING: lean forward w/palms out at shoulders (Vol. 2, 84), point index fingers down on almost here or time of year.
  M51: lift palms up instead.
  M52: ALL turn L and lean forward w/R index out (Vol. 2, 110), turn front lifting R above head to hold mistletoe, kiss forward on M54 rest.


MEAS. 55 Repeat as before


MEAS. 71 Alternate high and low handclaps (alt. rows or side vs. side). Switch every 2 measures.
MEAS. 79 Repeat as before.
MEAS. 87 "Fat Santa" circle, but shorter, low hip circles.
  M91: repeat as before, full height.
  M93: like introóhitch R 3X, clap, repeat L, Monkey R, L, R, L, R. End with "fat Santa" pose.


3-Part Mixed, Level 3....5801
2-Part/SSA, Level 2....5802
SoundTrax Cassette....3878