by Don Besig and Nancy Price
Positioning: Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Mime pulling whistle w/R fist on M1 and M3.
  Then all PART I pull on M5, Part II on M7. Repeat
  M9: snap R hand high to low 8X.
MEAS. 13 All look R w/R palm above eyes (Vol. 2, 86) and bounce 8X.
  M17: using heels 4X turn to front, beckon aud. in w/R, end facing L w/R jazz hand near neighborís R elbow.
MEAS. 21 Train move forward and back 3X (Vol. 2, 32).
  M27: lean forward w/palms up, lean back w/palms in.
  M29: low w/hands on knees. Start bounce on M30.
  PART II: continue bounce while PART I places R jazz hand at mouth, then push up and out on All aboard!
MEAS. 34 PART I: low bounce, repeat yell at mouth. PART II: stand tall w/fists on waist, hold L up w/ticket, look R w/R above eyes.
  M40: ALL reach both up, clap in. Repeat.
MEAS. 42 PART I: w/jazz hands above, tilt to R (Vol. 2, 55), clap 2X center, repeat L, repeat center.
  PART II: train move facing L 3X.
MEAS. 48 ALL as before, ending in low bounce (opt. alternate rows high and low - Vol. 2, 63).
MEAS. 55 PART I: continue bounce. PART II: R index up (Vol. 2, 114).
  M57: open to jazz hand and drop to R.
  M59: switch movement.
MEAS. 63 ALL R index up. M65: bounce R to L 3X, gathering aud. in w/R, stand tall on story. M67: repeat R index and drop.
MEAS. 73 Snap both high on beat 1, hit thighs R and L on the "and" of beat 3 and beat 4 (drums on SoundTrax). Repeat.
MEAS. 81 PART I: train move to L 4X. PART II: repeat as before.
MEAS. 89 Do movement to match vocal lines.
MEAS. 97 PART I: R index up, then low look at Part II. PART II: low look at Part I, then gather aud. in as before.
  M101: ALL as before w/R index and drop.
MEAS. 105 ALL low train move to L 3X. M111: hold low center.
MEAS. 113 ALL as before through M120.
  M121: w/hands on knees, take 3 step t R then touch, repeat L. (Opt. - wave "hello" to aud. as inspired - 4 groups).
  M125: double time train move, ending w/R out to audience.


2-Part, Level 2....11301
SoundTrax CD....3894