by Sally K. Albrecht, arranged by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Mixed voices: Guys center or L.Treble Voices: Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Clap on 2 & 4: high R, low L, high R, high R. Repeat opp. (Vol. 1, 23-24).


MEAS. 5 L thumb over L shoulder and back (opt. - add L foot), repeat R.
  M7: R palm to R, then center, then L, come up on night.
  M9: knee bends on 2 & 4, hitting thighs on bend. Repeat.
  M11: L thumb to L and R thumb to R.
  M13: repeat claps as Intro.


MEAS. 17 IF RESTING: hold low, facing vocals.
  ON VOCAL: lift R arm around neighborís shoulder, repeat w/L arm (Vol. 2, 65), then sway side to side. Stop sway when next group sings, turning head towards them. (2-PART VOICING: M25-28: slow motion sway w/dip center)
  M29: all sway (opt. - alternate row direction.)
  M31: push arms up above w/shaking jazz hands.
  M33: clap above 2X, then drop.
CHORUS Repeat as before.


MEAS. 17 IF RESTING: hold low, facing vocals.
  ON VOCAL: bring R fist into heart, cross L fist over, open R palm flat out to R, bring L hand up and over to hold neighborís R and freeze, turning heads to singers.
MEAS. 25 Roll arms front 4X (Vol. 2, 124) low to medium, then R palm opens out to R, L hand goes up and over to hold neighborís.
  M29: in a wave from stage R to L, lift and lower held hands.
  M35: raise held hands forward, then lift up.


MEAS. 37 Clap hands like Intro 3X.
  M43: L flat palm to L, grab neighborís L w/R.
MEAS. 45 Repeat as before at M5.
  DESCANT: move up on last set of handclaps M41-42. Circle held hands over head from R to L, L to R. Join others M49. M51: R arm over neighborís shoulder. M52: L arm over.
M53: sway side to side (opt. - alternate rows). Shake both up. Final pose: create levels w/jazz hands out or up, depending on level (Vol. 2, 39).


3-Part Mixed, Level 3.....16275
2-Part, Level 2.....16276
SoundTrax Cassette.....12319