by Jerry Estes
Positioning: Mixed voices: guys center. Part I vs. Part II. Flag downstage R.
INTRO Divide choir into 4 groups (by sections or rows.) On each of the first 4 measures, one group places R palm and R foot towards flag, then bring foot in and salute (pivot salute).
MEAS. 5 IF RESTING: hold salute tall. IF SINGING: turn to R diagonal w/R over heart (Vol. 2, 97).
  M7: push R fist up w/L fist at shoulder (Vol. 2, 127). Hold.
  M9: IF SINGING - push R palm up (Vol. 2, 1), then drop to R.
  M11: ALL cross fists at chest on rest, pull apart on peace.
MEAS. 13 Step t R and L w/slight arm swing (Vol. 1, 91).
  M14: open stance (Vol. 2, 128), then R fist and shoulder and up (Vol. 1, 118-119)
  M15: step t R, and L, then open stance.
  M17: step t R and L, then reach R up to R, fist it at eye level.
  M19: reach L up, cover neighborís R hand on we.
  M20: dip knees down, then push up body and hands on rest.
  M21: drop held hands front.
MEAS. 22 MELODY: pan flat R hand across L to R (Vol. 2, 34). Salute on rest M24. M25: push R hand up and freeze.
  HARMONY: open stance, then pivot salute on vocal line.
  M25: push R hand up and freeze.
MEAS. 26 On anthem, drop R down to R, follow w/R to heart facing R diagonal.
  M28: slight "no" w/head on never, then push back of hand towards flag on fall (Vol. 2, 98), down on beat 4.
MEAS. 30 Repeat as before. DESCANT: march forward on M37.
MEAS. 39 CHORUS: repeat as before.
  DESCANT: salute, lift up then drop to R.
  M41: step t R and L, then open stance.
  M43: salute, up and in, drop to R.
  M45: lift R up front, lift L front, clasp neighborís hand and lift on stand up, drop front.
MEAS. 48 ALL: open stance.
  M49: R over heart facing R diagonal, then salute.
  M51: push R towards flag, extending elbow on final chord. (Vol. 2, 98).


SATB, Level 4....11358
3-Part Mixed, Level 3....11359
2-Part, Level 2....11360
SoundTrax Cassette....11853