by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Mixed voices - Guys L vs. Gals R OR Guys top or center.
  Treble: Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Lift hands into prayer clasp front and lower down, heads low.
MEAS. 3 On vocal, lunge and reach both up to R (Vol. 2, 88), lower and straighten 2 measures later. Hold low pray on rests.
MEAS. 11 Reach R jazz up (Vol. 1, 47), fist and lower (Vol. 2, 126). (Opt. step t R, then step L and R). Repeat L.
  M15: both jazz up (Vol 1, 45).
  M16: clasp above (Vol. 1, 18).
  M17: circle claps 3X then pop clap (Vol 2, 5-6).
MEAS. 19: Lunge and reach both up to R, lower on o. (Opt. small steps to L: L, R, L, R). M23: repeat to L.
MEAS. 27 Push R jazz up, turn in on heavens (Vol. 2, 1).
  M29: repeat w/L, then match neighborís palm (Vol. 2, 105).
  M31: step t to R, arms up and down. Repeat L.
  M33: hold high, lower on rejoice.
MEAS. 35 As before on m19 on own vocal line through M42.
MEAS. 43 Pulse forward w/R fist on heart.
  M45: lift R jazz up and flip, repeat w/L to match neighbor.
  M47: repeat as before. M50: pulse hands above 2X, then lower.
MEAS. 53 R fist up above eye level to R (Vol. 2, 126).
  M55: open palm up, lift on M56.
  M57: divide into 3 groups (opt. Sop/Alto/Guys?): drop low w/palms front facing up.
  M60: using piano rhythm, circle claps low to high 3X, pop clap.
  DESCANT move forward on M60.
MEAS. 62 As before through M79.
  DESCANT: lift both palms up from sides, then pray front w/step t to R and L. Repeat. M70: join others.
MEAS. 80 Place feet together, slowly into low pray.
MEAS. 82 Repeat as before (see M3-14).
  M94: R up, then L up to match neighbor.
  M96: step t R and L, palms up and down.
  M97: palms up, then close feet w/clasp above (Vol. 1, 18).


SATB, Level 4....11586
SAB, Level 3...11587
2-Part, Level 2....11588