Arranged by Phil Kern
Positioning: Men center, Sops. R, Alto L OR men vs. women.
INTRO Form 2 circles on risers: the outside circle contains rows 1 and 4 plus the end people on rows 2 and 3. The inside circle consists of rows 2 and 3 without the end people. On the INTRO: outside circle moves clockwise for 4 steps while holding hands above shoulders, then 4 steps back. The inside circle moves counter clockwise first, then clockwise.
MEAS. 5 All look R w/R palm above eyes (Vol. 2, 86).
  M6: all point R index up (Vol. 2, 114).
  M7: repeat, but add shake of jazz hand on air.
MEAS. 9 Circle clasped hands at chest level, then circle around head.
  M11: circle 2 fists in opp. direction, then as before.
MEAS. 13 Lean low to soloist, then lean back and shake jazz at face (Vol. 1, 53). Repeat for all solos.
  M18: turning front, push both jazz up then drop forward.
MEAS. 20 Repeat all as before on own vocal line through M27.
  M28: R jazz shake above shoulder while leaning back, then forward.
MEAS. 30 GALS: pray low w/a pulse to guys 8X (Vol. 1, 17). GUYS: circle flat hands and body out and back (Vol. 1, 79), then clasp at heart. Repeat, drop down.
  M35: ALL bring R fist into chest, cross L fist over at chest.
  M37: circle flat hands as before, clasp at heart, drop.
MEAS. 40 On own vocal, raise songbook up to R (Vol. 1, 78), clasp at heart on soul. Repeat to L. Slowly drop on M45.
MEAS. 46 Raise R palm front, repeat w/L into songbook, raise up slightly, then list on M49.
  M50: fist and drop to sides.
MEAS. 51 Low to solos, lean back and shake jazz at face as before.
  M59: turn front while shaking, lift, then drop forward.
MEAS. 61 As before, matching vocals. GALS - through M67.
MEAS. 65 GUYS: lift clasp up then open, clasp above, then drop, circle flat hands out and back as before.
MEAS. 68 ALL R index up. M69: open and shake, then repeat w/L index. Hold hands (in double circle groups) high on M70, beat 3.
MEAS. 71 Step t in 1st direction (see INTRO), then step t back.
  M73: walk in 1st direction - half note, half note, quarter, quarter, quarter, hold with hands held high.


SATB, Level 4....11305
SAB, Level 3....11306