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Staging Suggestions

ON DVD "Step By Step" #27431


by Jay Althouse


Mixed Voices: Men vs. Women (sides or top/bottom). I vs. II.



Tummy walk to R (Vol. 1, 99): step R, together, step R, touch L.


Repeat to L. Snap both hands out, then cross snap above head (Vol. 2, 18), snap out, then cross snap low.


M7: using piano rhythm, 3 circle claps low to high on accents.

1st time



Leaning forward, bring R fist up to R shoulder and pulse 2X, repeat L, repeat R, then quick L and R w/ head turn to L and R.


M13: L fist up 2X, R fist up 2X, then snaps out, up, out, down.


M17: repeat fists up R, L, R, then quick L and R w/head turns.


M21: roll fists (Vol. 2, 124) and turn to outside using heel pops.


M23: 3 circle claps low to high on accents. Roll to center, claps.

2nd time



Repeat as above using 90 arms (Vol. 1, 100). All else same.


MEAS. 30

Slow step t (opt. bc) to R and roll R shoulder back. Repeat L.


M34: roll arms over and back (Vol. 1, 83), over and back.


M38: repeat thru M43.


M44: using piano accents, tilt cymbal clap to R, L, R, L.


M46: repeat tilt cymbal claps higher R, L, R, L.


MEAS. 48

Repeat 90 arms as before, starting when your vocal starts.


Echo: stay low and roll arms till M50, then start 90 arms.


M62: all faacing outsides w/3 circle claps low to high,


M64: roll to center, claps.


MEAS. 68

Exsultate - 90 arms R, L, R, quick R and L, continue opp.


Festivo canto - roll arms 2X, S-curve above w/R, repeat opp.


Canciones - lift songbook up, open and drop to sides.


Alegre jubilo - throw jazz hands down on rest, then over R shoulder (Vol. 1, 53 but on diagonal), repeat L, continue.


MEAS. 84

Repeat as before, but with S-curve arms above (Vol. 1, 101).


M100: roll arms front, joining w/vocal and higher each time.


M103: drop front.


M104: using piano accents, tilt claps R, L, R; L, R, L; R, L, R; end w/L S-curve above and head up.


SATB, Level 4....18611

SAB, Level 3....18612

2-Part, Level 2....18613

SoundTrax CD....18614


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