by Patsy Ford Simms
Positioning: Mixed voices - men center. Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Reach R jazz over head (opt. R foot out). clap in, then both reach up, clap in. Repeat L.
  M3: using piano rhythm, lean forward w/hands at mouth (Vol. 2, 30), both jazz up (Vol. 2, 10), clasp above (Vol. 2, 123) and shake down 3X.
MEAS. 5 Face center. On shout, lean forward w/jazz hands at mouth.
  M6: lean back while shaking jazz at face (Vol 1, 53).
  M7: jazz at mouth, up, clasp and lower 3X (as at INTRO).
  M9: repeat.
MEAS. 13 Repeat as before, but face into center. On repeat, face outside


MEAS. 21 IF RESTING: low bounce facing singers.
  IF SINGING: R index points to L (Vol. 2, 2).
  M23: hitchhike 4X w/R thumb over R shoulder.
  M25: hold pretend ticket up w/R.
  M27: cross palms at chest and open (Vol. 2, 93-94), push down.
MEAS. 29 Train move to L 2X (Vol. 1, 32), pull whistle down w/R fist 2X.
  M33: WAVE across from stage R to L - turn L while offering R palm to aud., then lift R palm and place forward on neighborís R shoulder.


MEAS. 21 IF RESTING: low bounce facing singers. IF SINGING: slowly bring palms in and cross at chest, then tilt trumpet to R, L, R, L (Vol. 2, 7).
  M25: jazz hands sway above head R, L, R, L.
  M27: shake hands above, clasp and drop.
MEAS. 29 Dip sway R w/snaps to outside, repeat L (Vol. 1, 86).
  M31: pan R across w/palm up.
  M33: all repeat waves as before.
MEAS. 37 FACING R: reach up, clap, down, clap. Repeat, then reach up, up, up, clap, down, clap. (opt. mirror w/R foot).
  M41: repeat to L. DESCANT move forward.
MEAS. 45 CHORUS: repeat as before. M53: reach R over, clap, repeat L.
  DESCANT: jazz hands sway above R, L, R, L.
  M47: jazz at mouth, up, clasp, lower 3X. Repeat, hold at mouth M51, up and clasp above on amen.
MEAS. 54 ALL lean forward w/jazz at mouth, 2 claps, jazz at mouth.


3-Part Mixed, Level 3....11338
2-Part, Level 2....11339
SoundTrax Cassette....11850