arranged by Mark Hayes


Positioning: Men center or Men vs. Women. Tenors in front of basses.
INTRO Swoop body to R, L, R, then slowly stand facing front.
MEAS. 5 Stand tall and sing.
  M9: push both palms from low L up and over to the R.
  M11: flip those palms down and lower down to L.
MEAS. 13-20 IF SINGING: stand tall facing front.
  IF RESTING: low facing singers.
MEAS. 21 All stand tall facing front.
  M23: lift both jazz hands up (Vol. 1, 53).
  M24: clasp above (Vol. 1, 18), lower down on rest.
MEAS. 28 Lift head up, reach R hand out to front on rest, pull back on bones. M31: repeat w/L.
  M33: repeat with both hands.
  M34: facing L diagonal, point R index out towards audience (Vol. 2, 110).
  M35: on Lord shake R jazz hand above head and look up.
MEAS. 36 Using half note pulse, lift R shoulder up, then L shoulder up, lower R shoulder, lower L shoulder. Repeat twice.
  M42: point R index out, shake R jazz above as before.
  M44: turn front and shake R jazz above (Vol. 1, 47).
MEAS. 45 Stand tall and sing.
  M51: circle palms around from R to L facing out (Vol. 1, 79).
MEAS. 53 Facing R diagonal, pull R jazz from above, then L, repeat.
  M57: zap both jazz hands out to L w/palms facing down 4X from low to high, lift up and shake on up.
  M60: hold low looking to L in amazement.
  M61: circle face around.
MEAS. 62 Slowly let your bones dance from the bottom up! Be crazy!
  M68: as before.
MEAS. 70-89 The following movements occur on the rest. Small groups may do each action or all singers or men vs. women. Always look surprised that this part of your body is moving!
  FOOTópoint R toe out and point at it over the top w/L index.
  ANKLEóhold onto neighborís shoulder w/R hand while holding bottom part of R leg up in L hand.
  LEGóslide the L heel out to L w/both palms pushing out to L.
  KNEEópull R knee up and hold it up w/both hands.
  THIGHólow w/both hands hitting thighs.
  HIPóthrow hips to the R, hands both swing R, too.
  BACKóunroll your back slowly.
  SHOULDERólift R shoulder up.
  NECKótilt head to L.
  HEADóbig head nod to the front.
  M90 as before.
MEAS. 92 SOPRANO: facing R diagonal, shake both jazz leaning back then over, then reach both hands up and clap in, reach up and clap in. Repeat to L, repeat facing center.
  ALTO/TENOR: skeleton dancing, crazy bones walking.
  BASS: circle the top half of your body 2X, then body height matches pitches, circle top half 2x.
  M98 - all as before.
MEAS. 100 WOMEN: skeleton dancing, crazy bones, more upper torso! TENOR: take a walk while skeleton dancing rows circle around. BASS: repeat as at M92.
  M106 - all as before
MEAS. 108 Repeat as before but with L index and L shake above.
  M110: pan R index across from L to R (opt. pulse 4X).
  M112: reach up and clap in 4X.
  M114 - low look to the L.
  M115 - stand on the rest, freeze crazy skeleton pose on beat 4.


SATB, Level 5.....17792
SoundTrax CD.....17793