ON DVD "In the Spotlight!" #27432

arranged by Jay Althouse


Concert position - voice parts in sections.


Gospel step touch (step R turning R shoulder to the front, pull

your left foot in to touch near arch of R foot) - arms out front

on the step, snap in on the touch, repeat L and keep going till

M8: cymbal claps on accents (R palm goes down, up, down, up

across L palm).



Push both palms down from shoulders.

M11: on rest, face L diagonal, then shimmer R hand across

from L to R on "riverside." Repeat facing R. Repeat facing front,

but both hands shimmer out from center.

MEAS. 17

Push both from shoulders, face L, shimmer R hand across.

M21: using rhythms, step R, ball change (L, R), L, touch.

M23: if holding "side" - shimmer R hand across. If singing back-

up, repeat step R, ball change (L, R), L and hold.


MEAS. 25

Funky "no" 4X w/R index above head - index, head and R foot

go out and in (opt. L hand on waist).

M29: look at R palm out to R ("book") leaning out to R.

M30: hit flat L palm w/R fist 2X (half notes) leaning out to L.

M31: open stance w/flat hands down to floor. If singing "no

more" again, hit palm 2X (quarter notes), then open stance.

MEAS. 33

Funky "no" 4X above, book, hit palm 2X, open stance.

If singing "war no more" again, hit fist 2X using rhythm, then

open stance.

MEAS. 41

Gospel step touch, cymbal claps as before on Intro.


MEAS. 49

Lift both hands up from sides, clasp above on "Peace."

M51: repeat as before.

MEAS. 57



MEAS. 65

Repeat as before thru meas. 76.

M77: book to R, freeze L palm hit to L on "war." Repeat.

M81: book to R, hit L palm 2X, open stance.

M84: if singing, hit L palm 2X (anticipate first hit on "war.")

MEAS. 85

"War no more" - continue w/open stance, hit L palm 2X

"Down by the riverside" - gospel step touch to R, L, shimmer L

across on "riverside."

MEAS. 91

Using rhythms, step R, ball change, L, touch.

M93: lift both hands up from sides, clasp above and focus up .


3-Part Mixed, Level 3...19256
2-Part, Level 2....19257
SoundTrax CD....19258