by Irv Rothenberg
Positioning: Mixed voices: Men front and center. Adapt for treble voices.
INTRO GALS: hands above head like antlers, step R, touch L front, step L, touch R in front, step R, touch L front, side and front, Step L, touch R, step R, touch L. GUYS: facing stage L, step t upstage and downstage, swinging snap w/R up to R and down to L. Repeat 3X.
  M4: ALL R jazz up 3X, then pull R fist into hip.


MEAS. 5 GALS: 2 scoop steps to R, 2 to L, then L arm circle pan (Vol. 2, 80-81). M9: 2 scoop step t to R, 2 to L. GUYS: split into 3 groups from stage R, throwing R palm up in air and turning L on your down. Pull fist in 2X using hips on chimney. Santa come. Repeat with L in 3 groups from stage L.
  M9: repeat with both hands up front from stage R.
1st ENDING All step t to R and L, swinging R snap up and down.
  M12: R jazz up 3X, then pull fist into hip.


MEAS. 5 GALS: as before, but L point across to R, then across to front. GUYS: as before.
2nd ENDING R foot out, then L out into open stance. Reach both jazz hands up on triplet figure.
  M14: cross fists at chest w/R foot over L. Turn around - men all the way, gals half way.
MEAS. 15 GALS: grapevine to R and L. Repeat, ending w/R foot over L. GUYS: facing stage L, pan R palm across L to R (facing up).
  M17: face front and pull L arm from R to L across the top. End w/R foot cross over L for half turn.
MEAS. 19 GALS: half turn front, pan R palm across L to R (facing up). GUYS: grapevine to R and L, end w/R crossed over.
MEAS. 21 ALL front. On beat 2, cymbal clap up. Jab R jazz hand up 3X as before, then drop into face on M22. Gals faint.
MEAS. 23 GALS: as before, but point L over top 4X on M26. GUYS: as before.
MEAS. 31 Repeat as before at INTRO.
MEAS. 34 GALS: drop hands to front. M35: step t to R and L, swinging R snap high to R and low to L. M36: circle R palm around face and end w/ palm facing out up to R. GUYS: open stance to front. M35: R jazz up. M36: drop to R knee, bringing R fist in and head down.

SATB, Level 4....4717
3-Part Mixed, Level 3....4718
2-part/SSA, Level 2....4719
SoundTrax CD....3852
** Permanently Out of Print