arranged by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Mixed voices: Guys L vs. Gals R, couples or trios. SSA - adapt choreo around chair(s) - select Guys from audience.
INTRO 2 steps towards each other w/hope, 2 steps away mad w/crossed arms. Repeat, turning out on last piano chord.
MEAS. 8 NOTE: do movement on own vocal. Lift flat palms up and out to sides (Vol 2, 84).
  M10: lower w/hands on thighs (Vol. 2, 52).
  M12: slow dip turn to center w/downstage index point towards
  each other on out (Vol. 1, 111), getting there on rest.
  M15: turn shyly out w/hands behind back on more.
MEAS. 16 Lift flat palms up and out to sides.
  M18: reach for the door w/inside hand.
  M20: as before. Lift arms into thinker pose on Oh (Vol. 1, 15).
MEAS. 25 Pulse thinker pose to outside 4X. Stand front on but.
  M29: GALS - R index above out and in 2X (Vol. 2, 112-113).
  GUYS - palms front out and in 2X (Vol. 2, 93-94).
  M31: all low center w/flat palms up at sides.
MEAS. 32 Lift body up on vocal slide.
  M33: primp on rests - GALS lipstick/mirror, GUYS comb hair w/R and L (Vol. 2, 90) (opt. hit thighs R, L, clap, snap out).
  M34: stand center w/crossed arms, lift shoulders up, then drop on M35 what for?
  M36-40: repeat as before.
MEAS. 41 Repeat as before on INTRO.
MEAS. 48 Freeze till rests. GUYS wiper sway in, out, in, out using piano rhythm (Vol. 2, 92). GALS same as M51. Then as before.
MEAS. 56 Freeze till rests. Guys chase Gals to R and reach for them, using piano rhythms. M59: turn so Gals chase Guys!
  M61: GALS as before. GUYS with vocal - R reach in, L reach in, Palms cross and out, cross and out on No more, no more.
MEAS. 65 Repeat as before through M80.
MEAS. 81 Hold head in both hands, drop fists on out.
  M82: lean in and reach in w/both hands till rest.
  M84: using piano rhythms, drop downstage hand, upstage hand, then throw a kiss. (opt. couples Gal up to kiss his cheek.)


SATB, Level 4....11644
SAB, Level 3....11645
SSA/2-Part, Level 3....11646
SoundTrax CD...12296