by Sally K. Albrecht
Positioning: Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Individual funky dancing (opt. solos dancers front) or funky cross arms close and open. All punch R fist up on Yo!
MEAS. 6 SANTA is front center, all lean to him w/pulse and hands on knees (Vol. 2, 52).
  M8: lean away from Santa, holding face up w/R palm ("Jack Benny" look, also see Vol. 1, 15).
  M10: slowly lift R index up (Vol. 2, 111), then punch R fist into L palm on rough.
  M12: wipe brow w/R palm out, throw R on tough.
MEAS. 14 R index to R temple while thinking, then R palm flat out. NOTE: when not singing or rapping, low and listen.
  M16: point both index out to audience (Vol. 2, 37), then lean
  back w/both thumbs in 3X.
  M18: SANTA walks up and back, others lean in.
  M20: all hold own head, then push shaking jazz hands up.


MEAS. 22 Funky cross arms, then antlers above head on M23 reindeer.
  M24: R index goes from L shoulder, across body and lift up and over to R (opt. wave from stage L to R) (Vol. 2, 40 - see men).
  M26: Eat front when singing, others lean back and look.
  M28: cross arms in front - mad! Lift arms above to form "dome" above head.
MEAS. 30 Funky cross arms above head until Superdome, then both index fall over top. All punch R fist up on Yo!
MEAS. 38 Slow eat (whole note bites) - head up when talking.
  M42: double time eating (half note bites).
CHORUS Repeat as before.


MEAS. 46 Solos move down front, others chat and agree.
  M50: slowly push both index up.
  M52: flip palms up and jerky drop down 4X.


MEAS. 54 Repeat as before
MEAS. 64 All double index fall over top, R fist punch.
  M66: funky cross arms and antlers up as before.
  M68: cross arms, antlers up.
  M69: SANTA fat and front, OTHERS low eat 2X then R fist up.

2-Part, Level 2....5820
SoundTrax CD....3889