by Jay Althouse


Positioning: Women vs. Men (S-A-T-B) or Men center (Tenors below).
CHORUS Chug 2X to R (Vol. 1, 92-93), 2X to L, 1X R, 1X L.
  M7: low to center,
  M8: pray front on rest.
  Repeat CHORUS.
  BASS: Slowly lift R arm while facing L diagonal (beckon in). Repeat opp., then center w/both, low to center, pray on rest.
MEAS. 17 ON VOCALS: flash R jazz hand around face on see, shake and lower. Repeat with L.
MEAS. 25 Palms on shoulders--lift and bring forward, flip palms down and lower.
  M29: Raise both arms up from sides, clasp above on told (Vol.1,18) and lower.
MEAS. 33 Repeat CHORUS as before.
MEAS. 42 Dip sway (Vol. 1, 86) w/snaps R, repeat L, then double step to R while circling arms, snap R.
  M46: repeat to L.
MEAS. 50 Repeat to R.
  M54: Circle pan (Vol. 1, 80-81) using both arms over L shoulder. (opt. double step touch). Flip on way and push L jazz hand up to L (Vol. 1, 11 - opp. direction).
MEAS. 58 Repeat CHORUS as before.
MEAS. 66 ON VOCALS: Pan flat R palm from L to R w/lunge (Vol. 1, 79), flip palm over and drop.
  M70: reach both to center w/lunge, pray and straighten up.
MEAS. 70 Repeat w/L palm, then reach both to center, pray and straighten.
MEAS. 82 Repeat CHORUS as before.
  M91: straighten up.
  M92: palms on shoulders--lift and bring forward.
  M94: "boy" reach both to center. (Moving line lift again from shoulders.)
  M95: pray in and reach both out to center (opt. Xmas tableau).

SATB, Level 4.....16376

SSAB, Level 3.....16377