arranged by Patsy Ford Simms

Positioning: 3-Part - Men center. Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Reach both palms out from low to high 8X, then pull fists down.
MEAS. 5 Reach both to R w/R foot out, then all back, reach, back, reach low to high 3X, back. Repeat to L.
MEAS. 13 Open stance w/palms out and up at sides (Vol. 2, 84), close to R on beat 4 bringing L foot in and holding head w/hands. Repeat, closing to L on M9-12.
MEAS. 15 Lunge w/R jazz from eyes to R (Vol. 1,16), repeat L.
MEAS. 17 Long jazz walk to R, L, R, L. On home, repeat INTRO.


MEAS. 22 Reach out front w/both on rest before own vocals (Vol. 1, 20).
  M24: hold on gently to neighbors, then move body and arms around as if on rocky road.
MEAS. 27 Stand straight up, lift focus on face to face. Reach both arms up and clap down 4X.


MEAS. 22 Reach out on rest before own vocals.
  M24: turn to L w/both palms facing up at shoulders holding load. Push palms over to neighborís shoulders and back 2X.
MEAS. 27 As before, lift R palm up to R eye on tears away. Reach and clap as before, higher on key change.
MEAS. 33 Reach R jazz over head, clap down, then L over, clap down, then 2X w/R (opt. add foot touch to outside). Repeat L. Repeat R. Repeat L.
MEAS. 41 As before if singing, others pray low.
MEAS. 45 If lyric, lift up 8X as before, then pull both fists down. Repeat. If singing oh, low bounce towards lyric, then lift up 8X, pull fists down. Repeat.
MEAS. 54 All reach both up to L, flip palms over and pull back.
MEAS. 56 Reach R jazz over, clap down. Repeat L, R, L.
  M58: reach both up, clap in, up, clap, up, clap. Final piano note: both hands up to L w/palms out.


3-Part Mixed, Level 3....4776

2-Part, Level 2....4777

SoundTrax CD....3865**

** THe SoundTrax CD is no longer available