arranged by Sally K. Albrecht

Positioning: Three groups: Sop., 2nd Sop., Alto.
INTRO Four heel pops, then make small groups and gossip.
  M5: switch to another gossip group.
  M7: stretch arms up for 2 meas., then drop.
MEAS. 11 Half group up on toes, half group bend kneesóall alternate up and down (use either stage R vs. L or alternate rows) 2X.
  M15: tiptoe 4X to R, then dramatic sway R and L on quiver.
MEAS. 19 Repeat as above, tiptoe L and dramatic sway L and R.
MEAS. 27 Alternate rows tiptoe R and L (3 steps, then touch), then tiptoe opposite direction. Repeat.
MEAS. 35 ALTOS: long scoop look L w/L hand above (Vol. 2, 86).
  M37: SOPS: long scoop look R w/R above.
  M39: all tilt clap 8X R and L, moving low to high.
MEAS. 43 All scoop look R, all scoop look L, tilt claps 8X low to high.
MEAS. 51 Gossip groups, switch to another group on M53, lift up on forte piano chord M54. Slowly form a tableau around soloist and react to her, some standing, some leaning, some seated.
MEAS. 73 R fist into heart, lower R palm down and look down R on M75.
MEAS. 77 Reach L hand out to L and hold it there.
  M81: lift R hand to L, clasp to L on M83 (Vol. 1, 17).
MEAS. 85 Pan R hand across to R w/palm up (Vol. 1, 36), flip palm over and lower down on M87.
  M89: sway 6X using low fluid arms to R and L.
  M95: bring arms back and lift up front slightly on they.
  M96: reach both way up to R (Vol. 1, 78) on fly.
MEAS. 97 Hold arms high, lower down, gossip and get into original position (stand up if you were seated).
MEAS. 104 Alternate rows tiptoe R and L as before 4X.
MEAS. 112 Bring R fist into heart and hold, pan R across, flip palm over and drop.
  M120: repeat.
MEAS. 128 ALL tip toe to R, then to L.
  M132: cross both fists at chest.
  M134: pan R to R, then L to L.
  M138: 3 steps to R and touch while lifting both arms, repeat L.
  M140: repeat to R and L.
  M146: face front, lift up, then curtsy.



SSA, Level 3.....17664