by Jay Althouse

Positioning: Mixed voices: Guys L vs. Gals R, couples or trios.
  Treble voices: adapt choreo around chair(s) using men from audience.
Props: Add bright colored/flowered shirts and blouses, hats, beach towels, sunglasses, etc. Opt. - mistletoe.
INTRO All chug to R 2X, to L 2X, to R 2X (Vol. 1, 92-93), then Gals fan self 4X while Guys make muscle pose (Vol. 2, 12).
MEAS. 5 Ooey-gooey sway (palms face front w/elbows leading) to R, L, double R.
  M8: repeat L, R, double L.
  M9: Gals low to Guys. M10: Guys low to Girls. M11: all stand.
  M12: Gals fan while Guys circle L fist above 3X. All R index up on And (Vol. 2, 114).
MEAS. 13 Push R index up (Vol. 2, 114). M14: palm open and drop to R.
  M15: Gals Hawaiian dance to R 2X, L 2X. Guys lean in and look, then secret to L w/L palm up.
  M17: R palm flat out to side, then L palm flat out to side.
  M19: both flat palms out to sides (Vol. 2, 84) and drop.
MEAS. 21 GALS: both palms wave above like palm tree R, L. Repeat. Low to men, then hurricane winds above R, L, R, L.
  GUYS: count off R index to L thumb. Draw female body. Count off R index to L index. Reach palms to gals.
MEAS. 25 GALS: R flat palm out. Hands up to L moon above.
  GUYS: look at gals, head nods front. Repeat.
  M27: scoop to each other (opt. - men on one knee).
  M28: Gals draw heart above from head, Guys stand reaching to Gals.
MEAS. 29 Arm sways as before. M31: lean forward, then lift R arm over head w/piece of mistletoe (mime or real!)
  M33: sway R and L, then w/arms above R and L.
  M35: open palms and lower to sides. Shiver on snow.
MEAS. 37 Gals low to center. M38: Guys low to center.
  M39: Gals fan while Guys show muscles. M40: scoop to each other.
MEAS. 41 Ooey-gooey sway R, L, double R. Repeat opp.
  M45: lift both hands center while leaning back, freeze.
  M46: scoop to each other (opt. - mistletoe up on final note.)


SATB, Level 4.....16216**

2-Part, Level 2.....16219**

3-Part Mixed, Level 3.....16217**

SoundTrax CD...12306**

SSA, Level 3.....16218**


**This octavo and all components are Permanently Out of Print