arranged by Mark Hayes

Positioning: Guys L vs. Gals R or Guys center.
INTRO Step touch w/thigh hit on beats 2 and 4 (Touch slightly front). Opt. double step t to R and L on repeat.

Due to the format of this selection, these staging suggestions will be organized by lyric only. Add step touches during any interludes. On shortened vocal lines (see Guys page 9), adapt single movement.

GO WHERE Lift R arm to R w/palm down, pull back.
HOW SHALL Lift L arm to L w/palm up, pull back.
NUMBER (i.e. one by one) Dip R shoulder down (Vol. 1, 50), then L .
ONE Baby rock on R diagonal to R and L, then rock facing front to R and L (Vol. 2, 87), repeat on wrapped.
LYING IN Lift both palms and lunge to R, freeze (Vol. 2, 88).
BORN, BORN Place palms together (pray) front and lift, open above, close above, then drop.
TWO R palm front, match w/L palm front.
THREE Both palms flat facing down to L, center and R, up on rest.
FOUR R fist knocks 4X from R to L, mirror w/head.
FIVE R hand hand above head to R, L, R, L.
SIX Feel money w/both hands low to high, Hit R palm w/L fist on rich.
SEVEN L index at shoulder, then push up (Vol. 2, 111 and 114) on heaven.
EIGHT Turn to L w/crossed arms (Vol. 2, 16), pulse there 2X.
NINE Face R bringing hands from low to high up body.
TEN Hold 2 hands front like songbook (10 commandments).


MEAS. 51-52 Lean forward w/palms out flat to sides (Vol. 2, 84).
MEAS. 75 Both jazz hands above head move to R, L, R, L, then lower R, L, R, L.
MEAS. 91 Shake both hands above on Hallelujah!, lower on rest, up again.
MEAS. 127 Divide singers up into 10 groups to do movement. M131: pray.
MEAS. 135 All step t till vocals join in.
  GUYS: as before, reach R, pull back, L, pull back, R, pull back.
  ALTOS: M138 jazz above side to side R, L, R, L, drop center.
  SOP: M138 throw R index over top to R, repeat L, join altos.
MEAS. 141 All pray center, lift pray above, drop into baby lunge R. look R.


SATB, Level 5....11628

SoundTrax CD....12293