by Don Besig and Nancy Price

Positioning: Part I vs. Part II.

INTRO: Slowly sway to R, L, R, and L, hold on fermata. On 2-beat, reach both up and clap down 4X.
MEAS. 10 Bounce low 4X, then bounce while lifting up body 4X.
  M14: push R jazz up, extending elbow on streets (Vol. 1, 63).
  M16: shimmer and drop hand down to R on gold.
MEAS. 18 Repeat bounces low 4X, lift up 4X. Push both jazz up from shoulder level, drop front on home.
MEAS. 26 PART I: low dip sway (Vol. 1, 86) with arm swings R, L, R, L. Push both jazz up and drop on home. Repeat at M34.
  PART II: repeat as before from M10-25.
MEAS. 42 All slow scoop to R, then R hand over eyes on see (Vol. 2, 86).
  M46: push both jazz up, turning L drop palms back, then push over to L on home.
MEAS. 50 Repeat scoop and look to L. Push up as before and drop.
MEAS. 58 PART I: repeat as before.
  PART II: bounce low 4X holding reins front, then tilt clap R, L, R, L. Repeat, repeat again. Push up and drop as before.
MEAS. 74 Cross palms at chest, flip front then open and drop.
  M78: push up as before, turn L dropping palms back and over.
MEAS. 82 Wave R jazz hand above head to L, R, L, R. Push up as before.
MEAS. 90 Repeat as before on own part.
MEAS. 106 Repeat as before, adding descant group on own part.
  M118: all push R index up to heaven (Vol. 2, 111 and 114), extend elbow up on me.
MEAS. 122 Bounce low on home. Tilt clap as before on chariot cominí. Join in on tilt claps as vocals join in, getting a bit higher each time.
  M128: facing L, jazz hands back at shoulders, then push over.
  M129: on final YEAH!, R jazz way up and look up (Vol. 1, 47).



2-Part, Level 2....4751

SoundTrax CD....3861